Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Whee, I found this picture of Laura MISSOCD from her blog, and she's wearing the blue top from OLDBLOSSOM..

It's funny how we were just strangers then, but after the Kiehls party, we became friends. Bought things from each other, selling at a bazaar together (that was fun Laura! Remember the missing bags?) It's just good to know how your blogging friends could be real friends, and it's not just Laura, there's Lyana (my first internet buddy, and the first ever person who ordered my clutch, way back in 2006), Naddy, Nina, Nadia Pumpkin, Lilynadia, Lala, Akma, Eleanor, Yuyu, Betty, Wan Lawa-Lawa, Arnie, Jing, Ting, Fiera, Dayah, Rahmah, Yanny, YC, Joyce TiC, Hui Wen, Eka!!! and a lot more that's too long to list down. These girls truly are nice, sweet & beautiful, inside & out..

And I also LOVE my super great friends Baby, Anna, Lyanna, Mimye, Ifa, Fizwani & Edi..dearly, especially for all of their support and love!

And how could I forget Naomi Tea&Sympathy, she's such a darling, and Dzu Wondermilk (I admired her since I was 19!!!), both whom I've looked-up to... and it's such a blessing to have them as friends (aww....)

But again, thanks to all of you for your kind support, nice words, even SMS-es when Im down, it means a whole lot to me, and to everybody that takes the time to read my blog... (and adding me to your blogrolls *thanks tau) I've been blogging since early 2006, and I just sometimes wonder how long this is going to last?