Sunday, July 31, 2011


Happy Sunday :) Gosh, the month of July is nearly over... and along comes August. My July was sooo hectic from one event after another, work, that I'm starting to feel a bit drained today.. My battery needs to be recharged.. I hope everyone had a fantastic July, and let's hope August (as it's Ramadhan too) will be a great month. And to all my Muslim friends, happy fasting and may this Ramadhan be a blissful one for each and everyone of you..  

This was a few weeks back (I have soooooo many blogposts to share!) It was a recording with 1Malaysia TV. Yess... we now have 1Malaysia TV, which will be broadcasted online sometime in August :D
I was every fortunate to be called in for a recorded interview with the team, regarding my brand/work, Old Blossom Box.. Thanks sooo much to all the 1Malaysia crew for having me! I had a great great time...

Yap, yap, yapping...

I was interviewed with Liana of LanaLana