Saturday, May 9, 2009


Helloooooooowww.... Happy weekend! Just as my Facebook tagline said yesterday (Friday) :

Jezmine Zaidan again, yippey kejap coz today is Friday! then boooo.. *tip*tap*tip*tap* dah MONDAY!! Bleurrrgh.....

Random picture today, wearing: DOROTHY PERKINS horse prints dress, OLD BLOSSOM all lace top inside, TEA & SYMPATHY black belt, LULU GUINNESS bag and red heels from BANGKOK.

The 'Saluran Pancur Kering' sounds soo funny!

Mini-mini teaser for Old Blossom... hope you girls will love tomorrows update! Muaxs & hugs!!! I know a lot of you have sent me e-mails & mails on my Facebook, Im SOOO SOOO SORRY i cant reply to all at the moment, Im seriously seriously busy, I dont even have enough time to sleep. (between 2/3am-6.30am only) ... I dooo read them, but soo sorry again tak sempat to reply all of you.. Ill try by best to reply k? But THANK YOU SOO MUCH!
On a short note, I'm no longer on Friendster or MySpace! Muaxsss & hugggies again....