Monday, March 7, 2016


Butik di Pusat Komersil Sec7 Shah Alam
Lokasi amat strategik bersebelahan Butik Radiusite dan Butik Imaan

Kelengkapan Sedia ada:- 

- Wiring Lampu (Energy saver downlight)
- Air-conditioner 2 unit 2hp + 1 unit 2.5hp (Jenama York & Acson)
- Pintu Tempered Glass (High Quality)
- Magnetic door lock system with alarm & bell (Integrated)
- Meja Cashier (Custom Made)
- Railing Pakaian (Custom Made)
- 5 unit Meja (Custom made) & Kerusi
- 2 unit Rak Display untuk kasut & handbag (Custom made)
- Almari Display Pakaian (3 unit custom made)
- 2 unit sofa
- 5 unit mannequin untuk display baju

* Harga jual bersama barang2 peralatan (Termasuk Tudung dan Pakaian)  

HARGA RM40,000.00 (boleh nego)

* Sesuai kepada sesiapa yang baru nak mulakan perniagaan. Tinggal masuk dan load barang sahaja. Semua dah ready tak payah pening-pening.

Lokasi yang strategik & berdekatan Wisma Jakel

** Landmark: Wisma Jakel, Papparich, Butik Radiusite dan Butik Imaan

Sebab untuk jual: Pindah lokasi

Jika Berminat, Boleh Whatssap untuk temujanji & tengok kedai.


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Coach x Peanuts

A collaboration that is both fun and quirky, I was happy and excited to know that Coach has teamed up with Charles M. Schulz for a playful collection of bags and accessories with its renowned Peanuts characters ( joyyyyyyyyyy)

Coach x Peanuts is the first in a series of limited edition projects celebrating the New York luxury brand's heritage and lightness of spirit. It brings to a more playful side of Coach but still remaining that classic touch that the brand is known for.

 Creative Director Stuart Vevers began with two classic images of Snoopy that perfectly captured the warmth of Schulz's charismatic beagle, then juxtaposed him and other beloved Peanuts characters against a bold, elemental colour palette of black, white and "Woodstock Yellow", that it will become hard for you to choose. The collection of accessories, leather handbags and clothes will surely bring you down memory lane with Peanuts

Make a visit tomorrow as Coach x Peanuts collection just  launched today in Coach Pavilion boutique (23rd October, 2014)

Thursday, October 2, 2014


Monday, September 15, 2014


I was really excited to share and blog on this piece, the all new collection of Coach Fall/Winter 2014 by Stuart Vever. I love how it has more colours in the collection despite being a Fall collection, and the details on the bags are perfect too.

I've also included my 5 top picks of the collection:

1. I loveeeeeeeeee sweaters, and I squealed when I saw this one. Its fun & quirky, and creates a statement. A must hunt piece for me.

2. A roomy bag is a crucial piece to have, and this red one hits all the right marks in my books. Spacious, casual but detailed, bright in colour and it has that luxe leather look.

3 & 4. Im into small sling bags lately too, especially for going out and shopping. So I picked a pastel hued one in baby blue for those softer days when you want to dress all girly. And another detailed edgy piece for those denim jacket days. And I must confess, its hard to choose one anyway.

5. A clutch. Another must have piece for those fuss free dinner parties, and this one creates such a bold statement with the colour, so if Im lazy, I can just dress in black, and this clutch will be the focal attraction to my outfit.

PS. As Im more active on my instragram lately, dont forget to follow me at @jezmineblossom. I've also joined Coach's global campaign #CoachFall2014.. Click on the hashtag to see all the other girl's outfit too.

Monday, September 8, 2014


Recalling on my journey of wearing hijab, its a rather sweet one. My naive-young self, was about 14 years old when I wore the hijab in 1998. The reason? Coz I wanted more items in my wardrobe, haha... I would be envious of my cousins who got clothes & scarfs as gifts from my relatives & grandparents when they came back from travels, where I would only get clothes. Since then, I opted to wear the hijab, merely out of fun & wanting more gifts (but I was soo young back then...)

As years went by, I gradually loved it... and got used to wearing hijab. Then, it wasn't considered as fashion forward (some would deem you to be closed-minded & boring), it’s soo different to the movement of hijab-clad girls today.
But, as i entered UiTM, I became more fashion conscious and it made wearing the hijab a bit of a barrier, gradually I said to myself, wearing the hijab is not a burden, and there are ways to improvise, so thats when I started to make my clothes & scarfs more colourful & fun, accessorizing with necklaces & heels. I opted for prints, colourful hues, fun prints, when people were mostly wearing black & white bawal in university (this was circa 2002)
In a way, I love wearing the hijab, its me. And Sunsilk Lively Clean & Fresh has somehow been with me throughout most of the journey because that is my go-to shampoo.
Sunsilk Lively Clean & Fresh understands the needs for girls in hijab, and by using it all these years has given me the confidence I need, by staying fresh all day (if I'm clad in my scarf from morning to night) 

Being a busy fashion designer/business woman for 3 companies, wife and mother-to-be, Sunsilk shampoo has helped to through the day  by day stress free and with fresh clean scalp.
Well that’s my hijab journey girls.. I’ve been meaning to share it for the longest time, and with the Sunsilk competition has given me the chance to write this blogspot..

How about your hijab journey? I would love to read it too...
Join the Sunsilk competition:  and WIN all the great prizes such as RM20,000.00 and a T-shirt with your illustration

Thursday, June 19, 2014


There is no denying that every women wants and needs a Longchamp handbag, it has always been 'THAT' bag, every girl has. The chic colours, timesless design, roomy exterior, long lasting materials, great womanship and durability makes Longchamp one of the world's leading handbag, and this is base on what I see, because nearly every women has one!

But good news to all, Longchamp has recently launched a new customized Le Pliage Personalized *claps and drumrolls*, how can you resist? The super best part is you have it monogrammed too, I love EVERYTHING monogrammed.

So how? Just drop by at Longchamp Pavilion KL, all the friendly sales assistant will assist you. And what can you have "Le Pliage Personalized"?, well... a lot of things.. You can choose your preferred base colour, strap colour, flap colour, side hole colour and lining too. Personalized heaven I must say, as I dont think there is any other bag that takes it to this level.

If you want to have fun and see the preferred colours that you choose, you can go on their website, this was you can play around with the colours online, saving time before you drop by.

Had fun doing mine... *drooooooools*

A briefing on how you can personalize your Le Pliage Cuir


Apart from the classic collection  with new colours introduced each season, there are arrays of Limited Edition pieces and also designer collaborations, which my fave goes to the Jeremy Scott collection.

We also know that Alexa Chung is a major fashion icon for her taste in bags and her classic preppy looks, so it comes to no surprise she is fronting the new campaign, let's watch the video here girls and do some Alexa stalking..

Monday, June 9, 2014


Everyone looks forward to a new place to shop, and what’s more with a competition before the launch of the airport shopping mall right? I know I am.. And as a frequent flyer, Im looking forward to what klia2  is all about. Not just your average airport, but more like a cool place to hang-out & do some serious shopping.

List of places to eat & shooooooop

My highlights include FOOD: Bumbu Desa, Dunkin Donuts & DOME. Designer brand for FASHION: Charles&Keith, Guess, Desigual, Furla & BEAUTY: The Body Shop. But Im mostly looking forward to WH.Smith (such a nerd sometimes), but don’t fret, these picks are mine.. There is ALOT more choices if you went to the website:

Giveaway time... I bet this is what everyone is looking forward to. From 9th June all the way to 23rdJune, there’s a daily winner to WIN RM5K worth of products from the website. And... the whopping Grand Prize of RM25,000 for the overall winner picked through from a lucky draw on the launching day. Its crazy not to join!

Here is the simple guideline on how I joined & shopped online (its like a game of pick anything you want worth RM5k, and see if you’re the lucky chosen one to ACTUALLY WIN all those products, simple right?)

1.Login to A POP UP will appear on “How you can win RM5K worth of products

2.Im given a ‘virtual RM5K worth of shopping money’, and browse through the website on all the things my heart desires.

3.Add to cart, everything I want with a total worth of RM5K

4.Checkout. And Im now in the running to WIN (you are automatically in the competition)

Look at all the things I choose.. :D :D

 Now, all I have to do is wait till they announce the daily winner :D,and if Im not chosen yet, well guys, we have the 9th Juneth until 23rd June to join everyday!

Don’t forget dearies, join through their website:
Like their Facebook:, Instagram: @indulgemyairports
Twitter: @indulge_my

Happy shopping & good luck girls