Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Hello guys!!! Ive been really really busy.. Im soo sorry, i wanted to write a long New Year post, but time is not on my side... Below is all of last week's outfits... Sorry to be such a bore! Muaxs..muaxs... Happy New Year, and thanks for reading my blog.. 2009 will make my blog 4 years old! Whee..... Have a fun night ahead, and syukur alhamdullillah we've made it to the new year!
Wearing: TOPSHOP jacket, OLD BLOSSOM BOX shirt, denim leggings, VINCCI bag & clear heels.

New Nine West wedges I got as soon as it was pay day!

Going out with the mum to eat and urut kaki, wearing: TOPSHOP jacket, OLD BLOSSOM BOX blouse, THRIFTED scarf, LULU GUINNESS bag, NINE WEST wedges and ZARA belt.

Ring from F21...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Yesterday, off loaning to the shops, 4 shopping malls in total... and today I have to go to Pavilion again, three days straight since Monday... (sorry if I've been bad at replying comments, I'm so busy at the moment, and will get to it soon) .... Muaxs, gotta dash out again...

Yeay, Old Blossom Box will be updated on Saturday night, with the theme, First Date Blush! I wrote on the blog that there's gonna be a little surprise, well, it's actually studded hand made bows that I've made that will go in the store this Saturday night... My fingers are in sore pain from putting in the studs... And its all gold studs (the real tajam one...) which I personally love, love.. Gold studded headbands are coming soon too...

Monday, December 22, 2008


The Blossom Dress by Naomi..
Picture credits to Naomi of Tea&Sympathy

A dress made in honor of me..
Dearest Naomi,
Like you, i can re-call that day perfectly in my head.. (just like it was yesterday...) Me sitting at my desk (then at NST), playing about on the internet, clicking Selltrade, when I stumbled upon your then Vivapurplemascara. It was love at first sight! Then we met at MidValley for my dress.. And you were nice on the spot! We found out we were both in the media (then..) And Im soo soo proud of you Naomi... And I'm soo soo honored for that dress that you designed in honor of someone like me, I'm soo baffled beyond belief, and I love it to bits.. It shall be a token of our friendship, and as a heirloom for my future children's, grandchildrens, and a story of Tea & Sympathy! Thank you, thank you and thank you. And yes, like you... I love you coz you made your dream a reality, your nice, sweet, independent and down to earth too.. I love you Naomi! This is better than any birthday present coz it was such a surprise to me! Again, thank you!

Friday, December 19, 2008


Im happy *re-edited coz its a secret....

Come, come people...

Thursday, December 18, 2008


I managed to get an outfit photo before I headed to work this morning!

Wearing today: OLD BLOSSOM shirt (with 50s prints of aircraft's, helicopter etc...) yellow MANGO denim vest, THRIFTED jeans and scarf, VINCCI t-bar heels, bought from CRYST bag and SAYA SUKALAH necklace.
Edit: Am sitting in the office today, munching 2 sets of Wondermilk's sandwiches (Chicken Presto & BBQ Chicken/ sangat-sangat tamak) and got 3 sets of the caramel biscuits too (All thanks to Deza who had lunch there...)

Aircrafts and hellys...
P.S/ My Inbox/Outbox on my handphone is out again.. So please email me or call if there's anything you peps need to contact me about... Thank you lovies

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Work and off returning loans to Pavilion & KLCC, met Nadia again today, she passed me my lovely stuffs... Me wearing: ZARA stripy top, THRIFTED black jacket, grey PUMPKIN jumpsuit, THRIFTED scarf, D'RIAS gold necklace, M BY MJ bag and ZARA heels.


P.S/ On a totally different note, i do wish to continue my studies again, and perhaps take my Masters, and I was wondering if any of you took Business school? Is there loadsa Maths? or just research? coz I can cope with research, just not so sure about the Maths though...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Over the weekend (on Sunday), had a lovely meet-up plus breakfast, between a Fringed Lyana, a Not so frumpy Baby, an Orange Pumpkin Nadia and Old Box me... It consisted of girly chats, what & where to shop, fun giggles & dark secrets (ha..ha..ha.. siapa ye?) We should do this again, and gather all the girls back that couldn't make it on that day! I heart you guys!

Lyana UBERLOVE, Baby hebat, me & Nadia Pumpkin...

Breakfast was special coz it consisted of 2 flats and 2 ankle boots...

Lyana & moi

Baby and Nadia Pumpkin

Kay came to pick me up, and had to listen to half an hour of girly chats..
and had lunch with Kay at Sushi King.

Vintage leather clutch, I was gonna sell this off, but I love it too much!

I shall be busy making these for Old Blossom, and to those girls who actually ordered.. Thank you soo much! Terharu giler okay.. Wear it anywhere and everywhere ok? Thank you, thank you, thank you...

Saturday, December 13, 2008



I wasn't aware I was going to an event after work, so I was wearing: THRIFTED balck jacket, taken from OLD BLOSSOM BOX grey ruffled chiffon blouse, GORGES studded skirt, YANA'S leggings, THRIFTED scarf, FOREVER 21 studded necklace, NINE WEST heels, MARCS BY MARC JACOBS bag and my CHANEL goodie bag!

My bag glows in the dark...

Just shoot me with those heels, why don't you Karl...

Finale... *clap*clap*clap*, and this was just the resort collection...

Me & Yana...


I just had to share these... *sigh*


Friday, December 12, 2008


The Chanel invitation,
and underneath is the ruffled top I got from Lacquer & Lace...

My top, top wish-list!

Hey guys,
Sorry for not updating, I've been sick the whole week..

and today Im back to work (and loads to catch up on)

And Im looking forward to tonights event!

The CHANEL Cruise Showcase

In Le Meridien Hotel!


P.S/ I'll bring my runny nose along...

Monday, December 8, 2008


~ Hey Muslim girls & boys, Selamat Hari Raya Haji!!

Last week ARNIE BUNNY came to KL for her graduation day (Congrats dear!!) And she stopped by at my place to get her top from OLD BLOSSOM BOX (and a few goodies) and to pass me a few stuffs she shopped for me in Pahang, and some extra goodies! Thank you soo much darling!!! I got a MANGO gold studded belt, VINTAGE peter pan collars, VINTAGE D.I.Y ribbon belt and VINTAGE hair clips...


Electric blue ruffled top, pink keyhole top and DOLLS STORE zipper print tee..

Shoes motif dress from DOLLS STORE, 6TEAS vintage bag & my tutu dresses from MISSOCD! (*Thanks for bringing it over Laura!)

Yellow vintage top, black studded skirt & black suede jacket with Victorian ladies motifs all over, and DOLLS STORE studded wristlet.

Eyelet suede vest from SUPERROLLING and blue top from MISSOCD!

I ordered 3 crochet collars (green/cream & gray) and one nude studded slingbacks from PUMPKIN. ( Both pictures credit to Nadia PUMPKIN)


THREADZOO DAY 2, wearing: My GRANDMA'S vintage scarf (polkadots!), THRIFTED worn-to-death jacket, DOLLS STORE zipper print tee, OLD BLOSSOM BOX pink elastic vintage belt, seluar kilat YANA, NINE WEST heels (i know i wear them a lot, but they are the most comfy shoes i have) and MARC BY MARC JACOBS bag.

Damage day 2: 2 bajus, 1 studded skirt & 1 fringed bag.

Me & Kay at Sunway, off to watch TWILIGHT. Oh... Edward is one drop dead gorgeous vampire! It makes me want to fall-in-love all over again, but with a more moody/broody/dark guy... He is awesome-ness to the maximum!

Sorry for the bad quality photo! THREADZOO DAY 1 (with all my shopping buys...) Wearing: OLD NAVY heart printed long top, taken out of OLD BLOSSOM BOX cream tiered top, G2 denim leggings, NINE WEST heels, gold stud FOREVER 21 necklace and 6TEAS bag.

Damage day 1: 4 bajus, 1 vest, 3 dresses, 1 studded wristlet & 1 leather bag.