Thursday, February 7, 2013


Stress. Lately, stress is my middle name. Hectic hours at the shop, attending to customers need, running back and forth between two boutiques, trips to the garment factory and suppliers, are all daily job for mini me.
And at the end of each day, I just can’t waaaait to run back home to relax, watch tv shows like ‘In Apartment 23’ for laughs, having a cup of coffee, and...having that ‘me-time’ after i shower, by using Johnson’s BODY CARE Melt Away Stress Lotion!

I can’t even describe how good it smells, once i rub it on my hands. The aromasoothe fragrance immediately works (i was sceptical at first though! It’s hard to beat out stress). It has that hint of lavender and moonflower, that makes you feel immediately relaxed! It’s a feeling that i really can’t describe into words, but for you to test out for yourself!


For the first few days, I used the lotion before heading to work (so I won’t be a grumpy boss) and after work, once I’m home. But now, i just bring the lotion with me every time I head out..
Kinda hard, coz im the type of girl that changes her bags everyday or so...



And I need to remind myself to buy a smaller bottle, for those 'clutch' days...


And have you seen the rest of the new lotion line by Johnson’s? Loving the new pastel colours and different range to suit everyone’s need. But my fave will always be the Johnson’s Melt Away Stress Lotion! I think it was meant to be..
Dont forget to join the Johnson’s BODY CARE contest at (HERE) to win the amazing goodies girls! Maybe you can submit something in a Soft Look Style like this:


But you girls know better  And don’t forget... “Complete your beautiful soft look with JBC to care for your skin; so you will look & feel good with both great fashion and great skin”
And some pics from my instagram @jezmineblossom, at the Johnson’s BODY CARE Serlahkan Keayuanmu 
Was so excited to see the collection my dear friend. Nurita Harith did for Johnson's BODY CARE, which are all elegantly designed with a lot of pastel hues, truly reflecting the ‘ Serlahkan Keayuanmu’