Sunday, January 31, 2010


After the catwalk by the models & muses,
and below is a great shot of the shop taken by darling, Shea!

Hello dearies...
Great news, the shop will be open from tomorrow, 7 days a week!And mooore great news dearies! New arrivals will be hitting the store's floor by tomorrow and onwards,here's just a few hints of the goodies that will be in the shop...Candy coloured scallop peplum (new design), glitter-rama toga dresses,scallop tops/ blouses/dresses, candy coloured bags galore!Premium lace corset (limited), horse print bodycon zipper dress, wolf print tops with studded sleeves, Alice In Wonderland printed tops. And soooo much more! Don't forget to drop by! As Old Blossom Box tries the best to cater fun, quirky & kitschy things for you. And a whole BAM of edgy pieces too. And best of all, all prices are under RM100. See you dearies soon.

Hello again... It's been a busy week! I had to close shop for 4 days to get all the invoices ready (up-and-running) and especially to sort out all the new arrivals that will be on display from tomorrow onwards. Banyak edgy pieces too, especially the Wolf print! In this amazing beaded & studded sleeves design! And a whole load of scallops too, and in new designs, that I've never sold on Old Blossom Box before.. And I try my best not to repeat designs. And Im totally loving the Chanel-spoof tee's as well (very limited will be in store)...
I might be at the shop a bit late tomorrow (I have another shoot with Wanita Hari Ini/TV3), but the shop will be open from 10.30AM. So see you guys soon, and please excuse if I look like a super zombie, coooz Im beyond exhausted! Love, Jezmine.

OOOwwwwh, preview pictures of the goodies will be up soon too (if I have the time to snap pics/capture the natural light/and crop) Hope all of you have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Hello there sweeties,
the shop will be closed from Thursday till Sunday(28-31)
Make sure to drop by on Monday though!
So so sorry for all the inconveniences caused!
Thank you soo much...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Today, went to the shop to start work at 9am, by 9.30 I was surprised by Astro's TV crew, and it was Dino (TV presenter from Awani, and my emcee for the Old Blossom launch) and RD! Just borrowing the shop's balcony to shoot.

Im wearing: OLD BLOSSOM electric blue lace jacket (last piece available in the shop), black tee, ALDO layered faux pearls, SACC scarf, MNG jeans & pumps. And diamond studded airplane brooches from MUM...

More pictures will be posted once I get my CD from the photographer, for now, everything is over on my Facebook..

New in store, Little Miss Blossom!
A mini line for small princesses....., with the Old Blossom touch.

And for those who can't reach the shop, don't fret dearies, Old Blossom Box has a new update TONIGHT!!!! Yeay!!!
Date: 26 Jan 10
Day: Tonight
Time: 8.00PM

Monday, January 25, 2010


Celebrities in Old Blossom Box, from right...
Actress, Ainul Aishah, singer, Shila OIAM, and actress, Sherry Ibrahim

All the beautiful pictures are captured by photographer, Faysall Hasyim!
Thank soooo much tau babe....

Finally...... Do drop by dearies! 309, Block 2 (3rd Floor), Laman Seri Business Park, Sec 13, Shah Alam.

Thanks soo much to WHI (Wanita Hari Ini/TV3), MHI (TV3), Tongue In Chic, Intrend, EH!, KLUE, I-Glam (TV9), Chupp! (TV9) and Apa Apa Aja (TV3) for all the media coverage, on the shop & the opening. And Kiehl's!!!!!!

And don't fret dearies, Old Blossom Box has a new update coming!!!! Yeay!!!
Date: 26 Jan 10
Day: Tuesday Night
Time: 8.00PM

More cute things in STORE!!!!
Cute cute colourful scarfs and Home Deco pieces too!

Friday, January 22, 2010


Busy for the party/launch tomorrow.....

A quick note from Eh! Magazine:

"FROM EH! Magazine": this coming march, we have one new column for streetchic..and for your event this saturday (OLD BLOSSOM BOX), ask ur guest to dress up 'sakan' cuz i will take their picture..hahahah so to all the guest PLEASE. cant wait for the CANDY NITE yaw!! :P

Ada apa lagi? A limit of 80 goody bags from Kiehls... (Wheeeeeeeeeee)
Food, drinks... cakes... SHOPPPPING!!!, best dressed (or cutest bunny of the night), catwalk by models & celebrity catwalk too.... amin semua menjadi...

PS: To the gorgeous Hunny Madu, so so sad you couldn't join us, but thanks sooooo much, and hope we'll meet again soon! Even my Mum loves you!

Im wearing: COTTON ON metallic oversized top, grey top inside from MUM, MNG pumps, huuuge flower bib necklace from DIVA, MNG jeans, THRIFTED scarf and grey bag from MUM....

In today......

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Today too.... Im sooo happy, and my bestfriend, Anna is here with me... helping out. (she's doing my tags right now) And my mum dropped by to see my signboard up, and bought us lunch... the signboard wouldn't be up without Anna.. She's the one who handled all the fuss & made it possible. Thanks Fazliana Ibrahim!!!!!!

Rise & shine..... extra early coz I have tons of things to do. And for today, I'm wearing: TOPSHOP nude cricket cardie (it looks like a cricket uni), black chiffon top with polka dots, PUMPKIN faux diamond belt (I've been wearing this a lot lately, coz I've lost it for nearly a year, so I'm making up for lost times...), my new COTTON ON Disney MICKEY MOUSE leggings (which my little brother said it looked like pajama pants/but it's okay....), THRIFTED scarf, MNG polka dot clutch and pink suede pumps.

cHey Mickey, and polka dot alert!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Today, running errands, and picking up Kiehl's: THRIFTED scarf, OLD BLOSSOM BOX thirfted green jacket, OLD BLOSSOM BOX tuxedo top, MNG jeans & heels, GIFT FROM MUM owl & lizard brooches, and bag.

Kiehl's goody bag for the opening of Old Blossom Box Store!

And... Miss Ain, rocking the studded hoodie from Old Blossom Box (thanks for coming by hari tu dear...)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Hello, hello..... today in a mad rush to get dressed quickly, I'm wearing: OLD BLOSSOM BOX oversized floral cardigan & heart printed tee, OLD BLOSSOM BOX vintage loop belt too, MNG jeans, THRIFTED scarf, SS tan laced up ankle boots (my Mum has one too) and tan briefcase like bag from my Mum...

First of all, I have been getting a lot of emails lately, and sincerely from my heart, thank you sooo much to those that took their time/ to actually spare that time to write me emails, thank you sooo sooo much. Truly. Im running a bit mad here and there at the moment, and I will reply as soon as Im free... But thank you, to have people stopping by on theblog is good enough, but thanks soo much for all the sweet emails.

Tomorrow over on Old Blossom Box Store

As the tittle of today says, thank soooooo much again to Joyce Wong/ KinkyBlueFairy, for featuring Old Blossom Box as the 10 best blogshop (?/ Ill re-check again later) in the new issue of Hanger magazine. Thank sooo much Joyce!

Monday, January 18, 2010


Today's outfit: Polka dot scarf from my MUM, TEA & SYMPATHY polka dot shirt, NAFNAF red braided suede belt, accessories details down below, TOPSHOP fan clutch and CHARLES & KEITH t-bar heels.

I was on WHI/TV3 today, but I missed it...

PS: Wow, saya sudah rajin berblog balik, hope it will stay this way...

Shirt with embroidered bow, bejewelled owl & lizard brooches from my Mum, and cameo brooch from Old Blossom and a tea necklace below (Can't remember where I got it from...)

Im still busy with preparations for the opening, and cutting out hand-delivered invites for my lecturers in UiTM.

Mooore things done on Saturday night, cowgirls & classroom themed goodies...

Just came in today, another darling in Old Blossom...
Bila wearing the orange turban, suuuuper cute!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Yummy cake from That Last Slice!!!! Drool-worthy!

What I wore today: THRIFTED leopard print scarf, TOPSHOP UK union jack jacket, LMF Oh Madonna! tee, MNG jeans & MNG heels.

Today: Ordered moore cakes for the opening party from my great friend, Aishah... That Last Slice, cleaning/re-arranging the shop with my Mum, a surprise customer dropped by... she's such a sweetie!, finally had time to drop by to +wondermilk to order "Carnivale" themed cuppies and met Nik for moore party discussion.