Friday, January 15, 2010


Last night at Lyanna's surprise dinner, Gardens The Curve.
Happy 26th Birthday BFFFF..
My teeny weeny outfit shot: OLD BLOSSOM vintage eyelet top, ALDO multistrand pearl necklace, THRIFTED scarf and PUMPKIN belt...

And yeay..... a few more black version of the Heart Bucket Bag is available... (Red is totally Sold Out for now....)

And some last pieces of these scallop skirt too...

So far, my January has been great...

I was on MHI (Malaysia Hari Ini/TV3) sometime last week, talking about online shopping & Old Blossom Box, and it was really early in the morning... (but thanks to those who watched and SMS-ed me! Thanks Zahan & Rina Hashim too)

On Tuesday, WHI (Wanita hari Ini/TV3) came over to shoot at the boutique, for a segment in next Monday's episode. I was also featured, and the host wore some Old Blossom pieces. (Thanks to host, Fiza & my friend Iskandar)

Old Blossom is featured in TongueInChic again (Thanks soooo much again)

Big yellow bow, featured in January EH! magazine
(Thank you Yana!! xoxo)

My personal blog featured in January InTrend magazine
(Thanks Vee, muaxs)
It was a great surprise!

Old Blossom Box for the cover of Dara.Com January issue!


Miss Hani in the red scallop skirt!

Miss Izyan, in the Russian Doll top in Pink.

Bow overload with puffy sleeves, Alice wonderland theme,
Miss Illyana...

And darling Dayana, in the bow print decorated cardigan....


Izyan W January 18, 2010 at 9:18 PM  

oh dear! u dah ber-blogging lagi yeay!
hey thanks for putting up my pic.
Ya Allah muka I mengantuk je time tu...hahahaha...
Sorry I xdapat attend your store opening, mesti best sgt2 kan..
send my regards to others yg I kenal and kenal I k...tkcr love!