Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Whee, I found this picture of Laura MISSOCD from her blog, and she's wearing the blue top from OLDBLOSSOM..

It's funny how we were just strangers then, but after the Kiehls party, we became friends. Bought things from each other, selling at a bazaar together (that was fun Laura! Remember the missing bags?) It's just good to know how your blogging friends could be real friends, and it's not just Laura, there's Lyana (my first internet buddy, and the first ever person who ordered my clutch, way back in 2006), Naddy, Nina, Nadia Pumpkin, Lilynadia, Lala, Akma, Eleanor, Yuyu, Betty, Wan Lawa-Lawa, Arnie, Jing, Ting, Fiera, Dayah, Rahmah, Yanny, YC, Joyce TiC, Hui Wen, Eka!!! and a lot more that's too long to list down. These girls truly are nice, sweet & beautiful, inside & out..

And I also LOVE my super great friends Baby, Anna, Lyanna, Mimye, Ifa, Fizwani & Edi..dearly, especially for all of their support and love!

And how could I forget Naomi Tea&Sympathy, she's such a darling, and Dzu Wondermilk (I admired her since I was 19!!!), both whom I've looked-up to... and it's such a blessing to have them as friends (aww....)

But again, thanks to all of you for your kind support, nice words, even SMS-es when Im down, it means a whole lot to me, and to everybody that takes the time to read my blog... (and adding me to your blogrolls *thanks tau) I've been blogging since early 2006, and I just sometimes wonder how long this is going to last?

Monday, March 30, 2009


Bangkok, it was a rushed two day! Saturday morning till Sunday night!!!

Our room wall in Take-A-Nap hotel..

Shopping hauls in one day, thank god El's Thai friend, Pop, was there to take us back to the hotel. My arms felt like they were ready to drop off... my legs felt like they were gone already.. And out of 100% of my shopping, 80% goes to Old Blossom, yeay!!

Our cute little hotel..

The girls... Eleanor, Akma, Lyana (with longer hair now..) and Eleanor's Thai friend Mook,who took us around Bangkok.. she was soo nice! And witnessed my shopping frenzy, so she told me to "close your eyes" when passing a few shops, just in case i get carried away every time I see a shop... Me? I'm the one behind the camera...
Our table at JJ Market.. recycled sewing machines! Just my thing...
Just sew away whilst you eat.. ha..ha..
Owh, Baby Awesome just updated her Not Frumpy site after so long, yeay finally.. Lovies, please, please, go * here *.. I ordered the sparkly tutu skirt!
EDIT: Some people just makes me sad... sad and confused, on why they would do such a thing. Dear somebody, if you know who u are, why please? Thanks for being a 'i thought you were a friend'... and totally spoiling my mood.

Friday, March 27, 2009


Sorry it had to be a parking lot, work and after the Massimo Dutti Spring/Summer preview: wearing: the same vintage jacket from OLD BLOSSOM, tuxedo print t-shirt from HUJUNG STORE, studded skirt from THREADZOO, bag from HF, shoes from FRINGE and vintage brooch from my grandmother.

I met up with Carol (a buyer) the day before to pass her things: "Dear, if you're reading this, thank you soo much for the chocolates!" She's the sweetest thing ever!

Next theme girls... for Old Blossom Box, "There's No Place Like Home", time to follow the yellow brick road for more awesome stuffs ahead! Be sure to check on the date for the new release.. Happy weekend guys... pictures from The Wizard of Oz movie...

A castle filled with vintage goodies!

Dorothy, oh Dorothy...

The perfect red sparkly shoes!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


*Editted: When I found this jacket (actually my Mum found it first/Thank you Mama*waves&jumps*/She reads my blog daily) whilst I was doing my "second job", I thought "WOW!", the jacket is soo like the one I found/that's currently in TOPSHOP, but better because it's LANVIN La Collection! And it's long-ish with the androgynous look to it (It's already shipped to WeiWei) I wanted it soo badly, but its a bit big on me, so I had to give it up and put it in Old Blossom. And I found another similar jacket via Liebemarlene on APC's Spring/Summer 09 (the gray jacket!)... Just how I pictured for it to be styled...
APC Spring/Summer 09

I just have to make-do with an army green brandless vintage jacket though...
but I dont mind, coz I love the fit and the colour...

Today, to work: white ruffled top (which I love, love...) MISSOCD, lace top inside from Uk, vintage green skinny jacket taken from OLD BLOSSOM, OLD BLOSSOM studded belt, THRIFTED scarf, BIJOU BAZAAR leggings, MODERN-FLASHBACK bag, GUESS wedges.

Me in KLue, thank you Sarah!
Wearing: A Tea&Sympathy blue vest, amongst many other things...
Marie Claire April (it's out already!) We have revamped the total look, and the size, much easier to lug around! It's the green issue... and below is the 101 (6 page spread) I have to do every month... (Apart from writing...) One of my favourite model to work with, Nina from Icon. I can't remember if she's from Russia (which I mostly get) or Brazil..

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Me today, off to work: Gingham UGLYDUCKLING top, THRIFTED scarf, MANGO brown long sleeves, OLD BLOSSOM studded belt, MANGO jeans, MARCS BY MARC JACOBS bag & ZARA heels.

It's Tuesday! And I love Tuesday's coz its the day after Monday (which I hate...) I don't have much to yap about noways except... Im always busy.. Neways enjoy the pictures of some of the fabrics I bought to make home-made bows & clutches for you girls! Better pictures will be posted at The Store (soonish).

Bows I made, ready to be sent off to new owners! (Thank you girls!!! I feel chuffed to bits with every order I get, so again, thank you. Chup, even a thank you wouldn't be enough, more like a tight hug!!!)

* New fabrics alert*

Vintage-inspired cow-girl prints, Japan fabric.

The Shirley Temple edition fabrics, Princess, ice-creams and chocolates!

Printed felt fabric! *Gushes & screams...*

Monday, March 23, 2009


Im not emotional or anything guys, but I love, love this song by One Republic!

"Goodbye Apathy"

I can't sleep now, no, not like I used to
I can't breathe in and out like I need to
It's breaking ice.. now, to make any movement
What's your vice? you know that mine's the illusion
And all at once (as i'm trying) I can help you out
(just to keep things right)
I'll be what you need (I kill myself to make everything perfect for ya)
Goodbye apathy, so long apathy

So don't sit still, don't you move away from here
So goodbye apathy (as i'm trying), so long fancy free
(just to keep things right)
Goodbye apathy, (kill myself to make everything perfect for ya)
I don't wanna be you

I don't walk right, not like I used to
There's a jump in my step as I rush to see you
I could be happy here as long as you're near to me
As long as you're close to me
Now that I'm alright (as i'm trying) I can help you
out (just to keep things right)
I'll be what you need (I kill myself to make everything perfect for ya)
Goodbye apathy, goodbye apathy

Everybody is watching you, everybody is watching me too ....


It's been a while since I played this tagging game, and today, I found out that I was tagged by the lovely Joyce of Tongue In Chic, in conjuction with the new release of the Bulgari Green With Envy! The tag requires me to reveal Bulgari: 3 Things That Make Me Green With Envy (That you dont already know...) It's a just for-fun-tag, that everyone should hop on & play...
So what makes the green monster in me burst it's bubble (with envy...):
1. Leggy super model. They are tall and they are gorgeous!! I deal with leggy Russian & Brazilian models monthly, and it does make me envy when I see them standing tall. I'm so short that they always have to bend down when I'm putting accessories on them & such!
2. Anyone who resides in Europe, especially the girls I see on other fashion-blogs... Sweden, Holland, Switzeland & Norway please...
3. And lastly, anyone that has a walk-in wardrobe... coz my clothes & bags needs more space to breathe...
I now tag 5 girls that makes me go green with envy: Jing of Vanilla Whites, Baby of Secretly Im Tall, Arnie Bunny of Sugar, Spice & Peacock, Lyana of N.llyana and Ting of Mustradqueen (*Naomi: I wanted to tag you too, but I takut you a busy-bee, but please do it if you like)

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Me at the Pull&Bear event, picture by Claudia of TiC (nice to finally meet you dear),
read it *here*

Happy Sunday everyone! I've been so majorly busy, that there's no outfit pics lately (not that it matters anyway../*edit: A picture from TongueInChic was found) Yesterday was fun! Went to buy some new things to be added into OLD BLOSSOM BOX with Kay (quirky new necklaces, floral cardigans, studded headbands & some pretty headbands, and more baju's ofcourse!) Then it was COD at Subang with some of the girls...(nice meeting you guys & Huda ofcoz.. Subang memang port kita untuk pass barang) Owh, I forgot to mention, but Huda makes a meanie chocolate cake, it was also featured in KLUE! A tired, yet fun day... And last week, I got more new fabrics, which are (?), well, I was speechless when I saw them... (Ill snap pics of the fabrics for you guys soon), it was expensive, but worth it! Because it's the Shirley Temple fabric edition & some vintage inspired pieces!

And by next weekend, Ill be away for a few days, some hauling in Bangkok...lets hope me, Lyana, Eleanor & Akma, gets really good goodies to be brought back.. I'll be looking for vintage pieces & studs ofcourse... I think studs are as timeless as 'An LBD'...

I also got to clean part of the house my Mum lets me to play around with.. (Because my room is a no-no already...too much stuffs!) Its a working space for me to keep things together and sew... I call this my Old Blossom Box "little" Store...

Owh... last week, me & Rachel went to two fashion previews back-to-back, a Diane Von Furstenberg (which we got a bag!) and Pull & Bear. And I went to watch Confession of a Shopaholic a few weeks back too (my say?..ermmm....), I brought Nadia Pumpkin along, and Idan was there too (again thanks to Joyce of TongueInChic for the tickets..)

I can't go to Paris, so I made the Eiffel Tower come to me.... (Dzu.. u must must must buy them cupcakes tins, it's from Aussie, tapi ada disini!)

Some of the fabrics I managed to store...

Kay bought two sets of Russian dolls for me, which I adore...

New bags I got! The fringed American-Indian bag is a pure keeper, it's 100% handmade by this guy, and he told me never to sell it or give it away because he only made one of the bag.. The huge beaded circle at the front was done in America, his shop is filled with tribal Indian pieces, and it's 100% leather too, I thank my Mum for buying this for me!

And the floral bag is a new vintage-inspired bag I got from Akma/HF! (*Thanks Akma..)

Yeay!! Coming soon to my feet!!

Friday, March 20, 2009


I just found this picture in RD's blog of a photoshoot with one of the dresses I made during my fashion student days worn by model, Erina. And RD modeling there too... I miss those fashion student days.. It was soo much fun..
On a different note: It really hurts being sort-of-betrayed by some people you may know, and thought of as "friends". But now I know who to respect and who not to.. It's just plain sad, and it hurts. I just had to get this out because, Im a human being. I see and I do get hurt...


Some Old Blossom News
Let's keep the theme, and add Part 2 for Sunday's update!
Though Old Blossom tries to be edgy and dark,
it doesn't seems to work,
and everything is all still sweet & quirky,
So.. do stop over this Sunday to see new added items!

Date: 22 March
Day: Sunday Night
Time: 10.30


~ The Store's News ~

Coming in Store:

Imported Shirley Temple fabric series (a major L.O.V.E)
to be made in clutches & bows, there'll be a sneak preview of the fabrics soon.

And as an ALWAYS open for orders OVERSIZED BOWS, OLD BLOSSOM will be making classic coloured pieces in satin, at RM15 only...

The OLD BLOSSOM BOX label/tag is in the process of making, all bows will have labels soon, and for those that has purchased OLD BLOSSOM'S bow before, you girls can redeem a label (if you dont mind sewing, or bring them to me during future Bijou Bazaar, and I'll happily sew each label onto each bow), I hope you girls are happy!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


All i can say is....

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


My Wondermilk brooch is yummylicious!!
(all from Bijou Bazaar Feb)

At Michealangelo's having lunch!

This is Ama YMF... and me, she & Balqish came by for a quick stop!

Kay with my bow, complete with tag...

With my awesome-ness Baby, rocking the ribbon headband I made...

Monday, March 16, 2009


Hello there,
I'm alive and kicking... last week was a super busy week, sewing bows day & night.. (dah macam pekerja kilang) but it's totally worth it when the girls are all happy-happy when they get the bows.. It was soo sad that I couldn't keep the Bunny Bow for myself coz the fabric ran out.. (isk..isk...) and sorry to those that ordered too, but there was only enough to make 30 pieces...
Owh... another bow coming up soon... I want to put it up for this week, but it doesn't go with the edgy theme im going for, but knowing me, the theme wont look ganas-ganas, but sweet ganas..., but i soo can't wait so i may post it up on Thursday..
Again, thank you girls, to all that ordered, and those that bulk buys.. I soo wanna see each of you wear it! I know Nadia, Yanny and OMG Jing.... nearly always wear them (I heart you..) So thank you... and Teresa, who out of 13 of my bows, she bought like 12.. and there's Junie, Adura, Nadia... and all the others, thank you tau..
My designs are coming out soon-ish, i cant really say though coz the label isn't done yet.. *Lyana, bila mau pergi? and the trip to Bangkok, which hopefully I can dig up as many things as I can with the girls... and my clutches!! Its been quite sometime though... but a few are coming up soon too, sometimes I just wish I could do this for the rest of my life.. coz I just love doing hand sewing & stuffs...
Dear Ladies (and perhaps some gentleman's),
The Old Blossom Box Store will be updated, this:
Day: Wednesday Night
Time: 10.30PM
Date: 18 March
Theme: The Vampy Rockabilly Love Edge
say yeay to dark, edgy pieces, with a touch of quirky retro-ness,
and rockabilly bouffant!