Monday, March 16, 2009


Hello there,
I'm alive and kicking... last week was a super busy week, sewing bows day & night.. (dah macam pekerja kilang) but it's totally worth it when the girls are all happy-happy when they get the bows.. It was soo sad that I couldn't keep the Bunny Bow for myself coz the fabric ran out.. (isk..isk...) and sorry to those that ordered too, but there was only enough to make 30 pieces...
Owh... another bow coming up soon... I want to put it up for this week, but it doesn't go with the edgy theme im going for, but knowing me, the theme wont look ganas-ganas, but sweet ganas..., but i soo can't wait so i may post it up on Thursday..
Again, thank you girls, to all that ordered, and those that bulk buys.. I soo wanna see each of you wear it! I know Nadia, Yanny and OMG Jing.... nearly always wear them (I heart you..) So thank you... and Teresa, who out of 13 of my bows, she bought like 12.. and there's Junie, Adura, Nadia... and all the others, thank you tau..
My designs are coming out soon-ish, i cant really say though coz the label isn't done yet.. *Lyana, bila mau pergi? and the trip to Bangkok, which hopefully I can dig up as many things as I can with the girls... and my clutches!! Its been quite sometime though... but a few are coming up soon too, sometimes I just wish I could do this for the rest of my life.. coz I just love doing hand sewing & stuffs...
Dear Ladies (and perhaps some gentleman's),
The Old Blossom Box Store will be updated, this:
Day: Wednesday Night
Time: 10.30PM
Date: 18 March
Theme: The Vampy Rockabilly Love Edge
say yeay to dark, edgy pieces, with a touch of quirky retro-ness,
and rockabilly bouffant!