Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Me today, off to work: Gingham UGLYDUCKLING top, THRIFTED scarf, MANGO brown long sleeves, OLD BLOSSOM studded belt, MANGO jeans, MARCS BY MARC JACOBS bag & ZARA heels.

It's Tuesday! And I love Tuesday's coz its the day after Monday (which I hate...) I don't have much to yap about noways except... Im always busy.. Neways enjoy the pictures of some of the fabrics I bought to make home-made bows & clutches for you girls! Better pictures will be posted at The Store (soonish).

Bows I made, ready to be sent off to new owners! (Thank you girls!!! I feel chuffed to bits with every order I get, so again, thank you. Chup, even a thank you wouldn't be enough, more like a tight hug!!!)

* New fabrics alert*

Vintage-inspired cow-girl prints, Japan fabric.

The Shirley Temple edition fabrics, Princess, ice-creams and chocolates!

Printed felt fabric! *Gushes & screams...*