Monday, September 15, 2014


I was really excited to share and blog on this piece, the all new collection of Coach Fall/Winter 2014 by Stuart Vever. I love how it has more colours in the collection despite being a Fall collection, and the details on the bags are perfect too.

I've also included my 5 top picks of the collection:

1. I loveeeeeeeeee sweaters, and I squealed when I saw this one. Its fun & quirky, and creates a statement. A must hunt piece for me.

2. A roomy bag is a crucial piece to have, and this red one hits all the right marks in my books. Spacious, casual but detailed, bright in colour and it has that luxe leather look.

3 & 4. Im into small sling bags lately too, especially for going out and shopping. So I picked a pastel hued one in baby blue for those softer days when you want to dress all girly. And another detailed edgy piece for those denim jacket days. And I must confess, its hard to choose one anyway.

5. A clutch. Another must have piece for those fuss free dinner parties, and this one creates such a bold statement with the colour, so if Im lazy, I can just dress in black, and this clutch will be the focal attraction to my outfit.

PS. As Im more active on my instragram lately, dont forget to follow me at @jezmineblossom. I've also joined Coach's global campaign #CoachFall2014.. Click on the hashtag to see all the other girl's outfit too.

Monday, September 8, 2014


Recalling on my journey of wearing hijab, its a rather sweet one. My naive-young self, was about 14 years old when I wore the hijab in 1998. The reason? Coz I wanted more items in my wardrobe, haha... I would be envious of my cousins who got clothes & scarfs as gifts from my relatives & grandparents when they came back from travels, where I would only get clothes. Since then, I opted to wear the hijab, merely out of fun & wanting more gifts (but I was soo young back then...)

As years went by, I gradually loved it... and got used to wearing hijab. Then, it wasn't considered as fashion forward (some would deem you to be closed-minded & boring), it’s soo different to the movement of hijab-clad girls today.
But, as i entered UiTM, I became more fashion conscious and it made wearing the hijab a bit of a barrier, gradually I said to myself, wearing the hijab is not a burden, and there are ways to improvise, so thats when I started to make my clothes & scarfs more colourful & fun, accessorizing with necklaces & heels. I opted for prints, colourful hues, fun prints, when people were mostly wearing black & white bawal in university (this was circa 2002)
In a way, I love wearing the hijab, its me. And Sunsilk Lively Clean & Fresh has somehow been with me throughout most of the journey because that is my go-to shampoo.
Sunsilk Lively Clean & Fresh understands the needs for girls in hijab, and by using it all these years has given me the confidence I need, by staying fresh all day (if I'm clad in my scarf from morning to night) 

Being a busy fashion designer/business woman for 3 companies, wife and mother-to-be, Sunsilk shampoo has helped to through the day  by day stress free and with fresh clean scalp.
Well that’s my hijab journey girls.. I’ve been meaning to share it for the longest time, and with the Sunsilk competition has given me the chance to write this blogspot..

How about your hijab journey? I would love to read it too...
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