Sunday, February 28, 2010


Hello..... Hope everyone is having a great Sunday, me? as usual... working at the shop. Today I'm wearing a dress which I hold dearly to my heart, coz it was made for me by Naomi back in 2008 as part of the Secretea Society, and its the Blossom dress. As i said before, Naomi is one of the girls I look up too.

Im wearing: TEA & SYMPATHY Blossom dress, SG.WANG denim leggings, ANGEL tie-up booties, OLD BLOSSOM flower necklace, TOPSHOP birdie belt and OLD BLOSSOM heart bucket bag in brown.

My mum got me these really cute ruler set yesterday ;)

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Happy Saturday everybody, me as usual... bright and early at the shop already. And today I'm mad about stripes... Wearing: SG.WANG cardigan (Bought it like 4 years ago), PUMPKIN top, OLD BLOSSOM birdie necklace, stripy bag, FOURSKIN skinnies, and ANGEL shoes.

These pictures just came in from CUTE CARRY, from his website HERE.
This was on Wednesday, at the recent ABP Press Conference at Palace Of The Golden Horses.
Actress & model, Intan Ladyana in Old Blossom Box!

Another dose of super girls rocking OLD BLOSSOM BOX!

Miss Ainee with the Home Made Bunny Bow

Perfect colour coordination, Miss Nab with the Katie Candy Two Tone Bag.

Miss Patty Belle with the Quirky Polka Dot Scarf..

Miss Naddy again with the Katie Wonder Bow Headband

And Miss Fiza Hani, after shopping at Old Blossom Box!

Thank you sooo much girls... xoxo

Friday, February 26, 2010


Had this dessert for tea, yummy, Pavlova from Delicious...
Im thinking of Jing whilst eating this....

Today, "Selamat Maulidul Rasul", busy with NEW bags arrivals at the shop (Wheeeee......) and the bucket bag is back (though limited again) and I got so many SMS-es this morning, yes.. yes.. girls the shop is Open today, and everyday... So see you girls later.

Wearing: LIZ CLAIBORNE minnie polka dot cardigan (Im simply in LOVE with it, when I saw it in InTrend March issue), FOREVER 21 lace top, OLD BLOSSOM birdie necklace, FOURSKIN skinny pants and I named my red pumps, Dorothy....

Edit/Added: Later today, a customer came in and gave me these cute yummy cream puff she made (she has a bakery), I don't know if you read my blog Raihan, but thanks sooo much, super yummy tau!

Some of the new arrivals, but there's more at the shop...

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Have fun by adorning these "Bow Drama Collar" to your outfits,
its the sweetest thing since Strawberry Shortcakes girls!
Only 3 colours available for now...

Dream Cream Drama

Inky Red Smackers

Truly Noir Drama

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Thanks for featuring both personal blog and Old Blossom Box blog!

InTrend Magazine MARCH 2010 issue....

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Wearing today: OLD BLOSSOM lace dress with exposed back zipper, Dorothy red pumps, ZARA leggings, Bow motif scarf, PUMPKIN belt and DIVA floral bib necklace.

Thanks to Media Prima/ TV3 for the support on Old Blossom Box, currently Old Blossom will be dressing Nora Danish for I-Glam (TV9) and Cheryl Samad for Muzik-Muzik (TV3) and actress, Irma Hasmie. And also EH!, InTrend, Remaja, Dara, Kosmo & Berita Harian for featuring Old Blossom Box again recently.

Me and Felice dearie, on Saturday.... (PS: Gong Xi Fa Chai babe, and I loove your new hair, thanks trunk loads for coming all the way..)

And Miss Caroline (on Sunday.....), she's a hot air-stewardess with MAS now! Yeay babes, you didn't get lost...

Finally, a map, so you girls don't get lost..
Thanks sooo much to everyone for the overwhelming response, especially those who came from so far away, such as Singapore, Perak, Negeri Semilan, Johor, Kuching and Terengganu. Thanks soo soo much!

I get asked these questions frequently on a daily basis, the shop is Open daily dearies, from 10.45AM till 9PM (Mon-Sun)

Mooore scallop peplum skirts, now in floral.

Imported Paper Doll brooch...

Each brooch can be flipped to reveal the paperdoll.

Sweet delicate lace tops

Velvet Dress with sparkles and a heart shaped back.

Quirky polka wallet/shoulder purses.

Mooore scarfs in store, from plain to printed, starting price RM18

Pink pants with embroidered measuring tape details.

Quirky Victorian prints.

Diamond Knockers Necklace.

And, Old Blossom brought mooore of the Eat Cake! rings...