Saturday, February 27, 2010


Happy Saturday everybody, me as usual... bright and early at the shop already. And today I'm mad about stripes... Wearing: SG.WANG cardigan (Bought it like 4 years ago), PUMPKIN top, OLD BLOSSOM birdie necklace, stripy bag, FOURSKIN skinnies, and ANGEL shoes.

These pictures just came in from CUTE CARRY, from his website HERE.
This was on Wednesday, at the recent ABP Press Conference at Palace Of The Golden Horses.
Actress & model, Intan Ladyana in Old Blossom Box!

Another dose of super girls rocking OLD BLOSSOM BOX!

Miss Ainee with the Home Made Bunny Bow

Perfect colour coordination, Miss Nab with the Katie Candy Two Tone Bag.

Miss Patty Belle with the Quirky Polka Dot Scarf..

Miss Naddy again with the Katie Wonder Bow Headband

And Miss Fiza Hani, after shopping at Old Blossom Box!

Thank you sooo much girls... xoxo


TenderBlush February 27, 2010 at 12:33 PM  

OMGGG you actually upload the picture heere? hahah

kalau i tau i send a better one!hahahaha

thxxx mine!!! :) :) i think u have inspired me to play dressing up non stop! hahah :D