Sunday, May 30, 2010


In the streets of SHINJUKU...
Wearing: OLD BLOSSOM sequined jacket & tuxedo embroidered top, UNIQLO JAPAN sailor themed scarf around neck, ZARA leggings, MNG polka dot clutch and pumps.. I actually have another TOPSHOP heart printed skirt underneath too..

Saw a 'Just Married' Japanese couple in the lobby of Imperial Hotel, Ginza...

Today was cold, called the main lobby for the weather forecast before I decided what to wear..
Off to our next hotel in Shinjuku..

Keio Plaza Hotel in Shinjuku..
Shinjuku is more relaxed like Ginza..

Then it was mostly shopping and jalan-jalan in UENO, SHINJUKU & TOKYO..

PS: Sorry for the wrong spelling last night, I was too tired to change it...


First stop after breakfast in Tokyo, off to Nippori, Japan...

Im wearing: OLD BLOSSOM wolf zip top, THRIFTED long green top, TOPSHOP bronze knit glitter vest & flower necklace, TEA&SYMPATHY brooch, ZARA grey leggings, TENDERBLUSH leopard wedges and bought from Japan, BABY THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT bow & scallop bag.

Nippori is the famous textile district, and I saw a lot of fashionable fashion students all shopping in one shop for fabrics..

Next stop, HARAJUKU!!!!!
It was really cold and the weather looked as though it was about to rain, so I didnt go to the area where most of the Harajuku girls were.. Just random walking as the were soooooo many people it made my head dizzy..

Forever 21 in Harajuku... 3 floors high.. I think the biggest one I saw was in Ginza, which has 5 floors..

Had to buy a pair of S.O.S Vans... My feet couldn't cope in Harajuku anymore...

Night time, for dinner we headed to SHIBUYA....
Again, a million of fashionable people just roaming the streets and crossing the intersection...

The famous dog from that Japanese movie (sorry but I don't know the name of the movie)

A little reminder of home, I miss my shop....

Thanks to Hafiz, a Malaysian engineering student in Shibaura Institute of Techology for taking us around..

Friday, May 28, 2010


Day 2, Omiya, Tokyo.
Wearing: OLD BLOSSOM heart cardigan, polka dot scarf, home made brooch & Star Wars tee, TOPSHOP heart skirt, ZARA leggings, same pink bag and pumps

Craaaaaaaaaazy toys and stuffs

My little brother, Sufian

Hearts hearts hearts and a brooch made by me ;)

Eating in an Indian Restaurant in Sogo.

Truly the most yummiest garlic and cheese nan I've ever tasted in my life!

Little cute horsie

Me and a Japanese girl, Saki ;)

A bag my Mum bought for me.... Bows and scallop...

Heading to the cafe of the university..

Tapau dinner, Unagi ;)