Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Me today, more or less of the same things, only I have a stripy OLD BLOSSOM top on, and MISS SELF' heart printed skirt...

Brooches nearly complete... Ive been busy making these and packing orders that came online *Brooches dekat nak siap dah dear YingYing.. ;)

Another round of girls in OLD BLOSSOM

*gassssp* look at her room! I love love love it... My customer in Sabah, Miss Tata.. 
She bought a whole bunch of things including this heart print cardigan and pink handbag ;)

And darling Nishta in an OLD BLOSSOM harlequin print knitted cardigan :)

How cool to these two sweeties look, Miss Alfah (in OLD BLOSSOM polka skirt) and Mya (Vintage print top)

And Miss Fiza Hani, a regular and gradually we've become friends, in an OLD BLOSSOM heart printed denim skirt.

Second from left: Actress, Sherry Ibrahim in OLD BLOSSOM white scallop dress and Bow Spoof headband.

And singer, Shila OIAM in a vintage OLD BLOSSOM piece at a recent shoot...


sya May 14, 2010 at 9:33 AM  

cantik dress Shila. i remember buying a yellow polka dot chiffon dress from you back in urbanscape 2008 dulu. it's so pretty i dare not wear it until now! ;)