Thursday, January 29, 2009


Dearies, the Old Blossom Box blog has been re-vamped, let me know what you guys think yah? And please, please do visit!! Thank you soo much, Muaxs...

Sunday Night
1 Feb 2009
Look out for the theme...

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Wearing: THRIFTED scarf, TOPSHOP checkered (zip senget) jacket (and.... I have to thank the very very very nice salesgirl in TOPSHOP for ehem..ehem...), OLD BLOSSOM BOX pussy bw inside, ZARA studded wifebeater, YANA'S seluar kilat, ALDO clutch & FRINGE shoes!

(Owh, I got ENVY-ed by ENVY's street style photogs at the event!)

It's soo amazing how most of the people/friends I saw last night (except for Baby!!) was all my met through blogging friends!! Though it was my first time to Zouk, I only stayed for the fashion event hosted by Femmething & the PMS girls... and I came solely to give my support to YC (who did a great job!!!) My pics of the show were all blurry.. (*So YC, piccies please...)

Nadia, me,Teyn & Eka!!!

She Bop, Maryam Bijou Bazaar & a very thankful me!!!
Dinner at Terrace Bar

Long.......story short, me & Nadia were money-less and hungry, ATM was out, no MEPS bank nearby... and there was Maryam, ready to save us from hunger!! I owe soo much to you, more than the money I owe you, but a great depth of Thank you!!! Thank you Maryam, sorry I had to be soo muka tak malu that night (me & Nadia...) Ha..ha..ha..

Baby & Nadia Pumpkin

Me and awesomeness Ting Mustrdqueen... (with her cool DIY tee)

Josh Lacquer&Lace, Jing Velvet Ribbons & Baby!!

Friday, January 23, 2009



(To those yang tak tahu, Khrnnnadia is my blog friend that I've never met, but always sends me cool stuffs from UK!!)

Yeay!! Cant wait, its gonna be a fun night out, and I'll be tagging Nadia Pumpkin along!
(Thanks Nadia for coming to pick me up...)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


This was yesterday, loaning to the shops the whole day... Darn, it was exhausting. Me wearing: VINTAGE scarf, green pussy bow blouse, OLD BLOSSOM BOX, maroon flutter sleeves top, TEA & SYMPATHY, FOURSKIN skinnies, ALDO clutch & NINE WEST heels.

A few weeks ago, at Lyanna's 25th birthday bash!

Monday, January 19, 2009


Hello? How was everyone's Monday? Hope it was a good day! The weekend was better though, as planned on Saturday, went out with Lyana UBERLOVE & Akmal HF. We had fun and bought some stuffs. Other than that my weekend was spent on washing, ironing & taking pictures for last night's OLD BLOSSOM update, which was "Spring in Rome", and making new items for the *HOME MADE* label for the store... Hope you guys will like it!!! Muaxs...

In the making....

Friday, January 16, 2009


Furla Fashion Preview
And the clutch above, is the clutch I covet from Furla!

Today ('s a Friday!), wearing; TOPSHOP grey jacket, OLD BLOSSOM dusky pink blouse (with layers of ruffles on the front), OLD BLOSSOM vintage brooch, ombre scarf, ALDO clutch, MANGO jeans, MANGO belt and ZARA high heels (nope, this one is not with pig skin lining/ and most shoes in ZARA do not have pig skin lining too).
Oh well, I didn't buy anything... The paperbag contains a free gift!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Today! Lunch at Chawan in Bangsar with Rachel, then tea at Tea & Sympathy ofcoz! Ha..ha... My outfit for today: TEA&SYMPATHY tuxedo like top, chiffon ruffled blouse from OLD BLOSSOM BOX, MANGO jeans, ALDO bronze clutch, VINTAGE scarf & FRINGE heels...

Lovies, there will be updates for OLD BLOSSOM BOX this weekend, but Im not soo sure on what themes yet, so do check it out yah.., i might just make it a surprise. Last night's outing with my besties had to be cancelled coz I was unwell, all because my wisdom tooth is coming out. I went to the doctor's, and looks like I have to go for surgery to take one tooth out, and the cost is RM600 for one tooth! Its like daylight robbery! Or just paying RM600 for pain! I've opted out though, and will be on a hunt to look for a cheaper dentist, coz RM600 for a tooth is just too much. No fun...

But I'll be looking forward to this weekend with Lyana UBERLOVE, yeay... Will be going out on some projects from the wee hours! And another surprise came in the office from Rita Shum/Parkson, a card and Sonia Rykiel enamled No.3 keychain.

Since I missed Tod's fashion preview yesterday, coz I was ill.. Tomorrow morning I'll be off to Furla's fashion preview..

Sneak peek of what i bought...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Nothing much sitting in the office: Pussy bow chiffon blouse, OLD BLOSSOM BOX, scarf, VINTAGE, clutch, ALDO, pink peep toed boots, MOD, jeans, MANGO and braided belt OLD BLOSSOM BOX.

Last night was fun, met most of my close Masscomm buddies to celebrate my bestfriend's bday! Happy 25 birthday Lyanna LiL Boogie! Tomorrow night is gonna be fun when I take them out for dinner, and maybe a stop to Tea&Sympathy.

Apart from that, this week is gonna be pretty busy with fashion previews, as Spring/Summer 09 is here! Tomorrow I have one at TOD'S, and Friday, FURLA.. Yippey!

On a different note, I'm in KOSMO! today...
And those are my new babies for this week!
All from PUMPKIN, and pictures are all from PUMPKIN too..

Friday, January 9, 2009


The Old Blossom Box Store

Hey peepsies, sorry I haven't been updating much.. coz by the time I head home, Ill be too tired to snap pictures.. And today I got gifts from the people of Kate Spade & DVF (Whee... Happy)... The past week has been hectic, apart from working, I went on a mad vintage scouring binge! So look out for Old Blossoms updates, and to those that has been receiving parcels lately, its actually my new packaging (but I'll be enhancing it a bit soon...) and again, thank you soo much for the support...

As usual, updates this Sunday! At 10Pm...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


My new superlove! From Lyana of Fringe!!! I love it to bits...

I've been rethinking about my future lately... and I guess I want to continue with my studies this year, and I think I'll be taking an MBA in Business Studies, something serious to fall back on.. (Thanks to those for their comments & input about business school), and I want to apply under UiTM again..
So hopefully I'll get 'in' next semester or will still have the mood to study come middle this year...
And, I miss sewing garments.. can't believe its been 2 semester without sewing any item of clothing, or designing... I might go back to that too, once I have the time to design & sew again..
Well, I hope 2009 will be a good year! There's soo many things I want to accomplish this year, and Im determine to make it happen step by step..
As for Old Blossom Box, I'll be adding a few projects there too.. and I want to thank everyone on thier support! All those SMS, comments & really nice emails... those are the things that keeps me going!Thank you again, especially the media,Bijou Bazaar, and all those blogs linking me.. I can't wait to start on one of the few things I wanted to do for Old Blossom... and will get to it before the end of Jan... Owh, this week's update shall be fun! One of my personal fave colours...

Monday, January 5, 2009


My drawing...

I never got to post this piece, but this was taken from Berita Minggu from a couple of months back, Kak Siti was soo nice to feature me, (twice!) Thanks Kak Siti... I did a what to wear column for the newspaper.
Edit: On a totally different note... arrgh... Im gonna be 25 in two months! How time flies...

Friday, January 2, 2009


Old Blossom's update this weekend peeps, theme? The Brights... (all green & yellow hued stuffs..) A burst of colour to start off 2009! So do stop by....
Theme: The Brights
Time: 10.30
Date: 4 January 2009
Day: Sunday!!
Muaxs, muaxs & thank you....

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Marie Claire team! Me, our new intern, Lyn, Deza & Aishah... Lunch pre-New Year at Full House with the BluInc peeps..

Me and Deza.... she's wearing OLD BLOSSOM dress & OLD BLOSSOM braided belt (aww.. major terharu, a walking OLD BLOSSOM yesterday...)

Though my outfit isn't really clear, but Im wearing: GOSSIP purple with green lining top, cream top inside from my MUM, THRIFTED scarf, MODERNFLASHBACK bag & TEA & SYMPATHY belt.

The Seveenteen team!

How was your New Year? Mine was good, i even slept before 12.... Last night I had an interview with Kosmo newspaper (again.... Thank you Kosmo!!!) So they came to the house, and took pictures of my vintage stuffs... The interview started at 8.30 till 11pm.. Thank you Adham & pakcik photographer...

Owh, Old Blossom is in Seventeen again (thanks to V) and I'm in Seventeen too.. (thanks to Esther) the one about me, is about wearing a scarf, and how some people has this certain judgement towards you... All in Seventeen January issue!

The Marie Claire issue Jan is also my fave, coz the interview I did about eccentric fashionistas around KL is in it! Which included the interview I did with Camelia... and even Mus from Modernflashback.