Saturday, January 24, 2009


Wearing: THRIFTED scarf, TOPSHOP checkered (zip senget) jacket (and.... I have to thank the very very very nice salesgirl in TOPSHOP for ehem..ehem...), OLD BLOSSOM BOX pussy bw inside, ZARA studded wifebeater, YANA'S seluar kilat, ALDO clutch & FRINGE shoes!

(Owh, I got ENVY-ed by ENVY's street style photogs at the event!)

It's soo amazing how most of the people/friends I saw last night (except for Baby!!) was all my met through blogging friends!! Though it was my first time to Zouk, I only stayed for the fashion event hosted by Femmething & the PMS girls... and I came solely to give my support to YC (who did a great job!!!) My pics of the show were all blurry.. (*So YC, piccies please...)

Nadia, me,Teyn & Eka!!!

She Bop, Maryam Bijou Bazaar & a very thankful me!!!
Dinner at Terrace Bar

Long.......story short, me & Nadia were money-less and hungry, ATM was out, no MEPS bank nearby... and there was Maryam, ready to save us from hunger!! I owe soo much to you, more than the money I owe you, but a great depth of Thank you!!! Thank you Maryam, sorry I had to be soo muka tak malu that night (me & Nadia...) Ha..ha..ha..

Baby & Nadia Pumpkin

Me and awesomeness Ting Mustrdqueen... (with her cool DIY tee)

Josh Lacquer&Lace, Jing Velvet Ribbons & Baby!!