Thursday, January 1, 2009


Marie Claire team! Me, our new intern, Lyn, Deza & Aishah... Lunch pre-New Year at Full House with the BluInc peeps..

Me and Deza.... she's wearing OLD BLOSSOM dress & OLD BLOSSOM braided belt (aww.. major terharu, a walking OLD BLOSSOM yesterday...)

Though my outfit isn't really clear, but Im wearing: GOSSIP purple with green lining top, cream top inside from my MUM, THRIFTED scarf, MODERNFLASHBACK bag & TEA & SYMPATHY belt.

The Seveenteen team!

How was your New Year? Mine was good, i even slept before 12.... Last night I had an interview with Kosmo newspaper (again.... Thank you Kosmo!!!) So they came to the house, and took pictures of my vintage stuffs... The interview started at 8.30 till 11pm.. Thank you Adham & pakcik photographer...

Owh, Old Blossom is in Seventeen again (thanks to V) and I'm in Seventeen too.. (thanks to Esther) the one about me, is about wearing a scarf, and how some people has this certain judgement towards you... All in Seventeen January issue!

The Marie Claire issue Jan is also my fave, coz the interview I did about eccentric fashionistas around KL is in it! Which included the interview I did with Camelia... and even Mus from Modernflashback.