Tuesday, January 6, 2009


My new superlove! From Lyana of Fringe!!! I love it to bits...

I've been rethinking about my future lately... and I guess I want to continue with my studies this year, and I think I'll be taking an MBA in Business Studies, something serious to fall back on.. (Thanks to those for their comments & input about business school), and I want to apply under UiTM again..
So hopefully I'll get 'in' next semester or will still have the mood to study come middle this year...
And, I miss sewing garments.. can't believe its been 2 semester without sewing any item of clothing, or designing... I might go back to that too, once I have the time to design & sew again..
Well, I hope 2009 will be a good year! There's soo many things I want to accomplish this year, and Im determine to make it happen step by step..
As for Old Blossom Box, I'll be adding a few projects there too.. and I want to thank everyone on thier support! All those SMS, comments & really nice emails... those are the things that keeps me going!Thank you again, especially the media,Bijou Bazaar, and all those blogs linking me.. I can't wait to start on one of the few things I wanted to do for Old Blossom... and will get to it before the end of Jan... Owh, this week's update shall be fun! One of my personal fave colours...