Wednesday, November 28, 2012


When it comes down to a pair of jeans, nothing beats, or is as globally known for, other than Levi’s. A trusted brand, with its evolving take on the average denim throughout the years makes owning a pair of Levi’s jeans just as chic and classic like owning a Chanel 2.55 bag. No one can live without jeans, well I know i cant.



Jeans. Cant live without them, no matter how hard ive tried. And if you scroll through all my daily ‘what I wore’ blogpost, you can see that jeans are my IT staple.
Just how important is a pair of jeans to me? Very. And the cut is important too, that’s why with the Levi’s Curve I.D, everyone can find their perfect fit! And if you don’t know how (like me before), head down to any Levi’s store ASAP, and they will measure the perfect fit for you. But lets get back to WHY wearing a pair of jeans is essential to me.

Boosted confidence. That’s the feeling I get, everytime I head out wearing my trusted denim. Giving me the #GoForth boost I need. Its the safe proof piece I know I cant go wrong with. And the perfect piece I know that will fit me in a jiffy, whether I was in the mood to get dressed or to lazy to think of what to wear.

Jeans goes with everything. Its true! Dressed up, or dressed down (you’ll look totally effortless), there is no look a pair of jeans cant do (unless you’re working in a strict company).

Comfort. Living to a busy schedule day to day, with two shops to run, meeting customers for their custom bridal orders, running to meeting, jeans gives me the best movement I need.
My jeans are practically my best friend. Im in it almost 7 days a week, without fail. And its been with me through ups and downs. We have shared some of the best moments together.  How about you?
Share with me & Levi’s about your #GoForth experience whilst wearing your Levis jeans in one sentence (doesn't need to be long). And the selected three winners will get RM250 Levi's voucher. Send to before 3rd Dec :) :)
And don’t forget to head over (HERE/Go Forth) to see what #GoForth is really about.
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