Thursday, April 30, 2009


Yes Lovies!!! The Old Blossom Box Store will be here!
On both Saturday & Sunday...
See you guys there yah!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


If all goes according to plan (Insya-Allah), yippey yeay... I'll be designing Shila's from One In A Million red carpet outfit, for this coming One In A Million finale... Owh.. I adore this girl! She's super sweet and has a great voice to boot! And most importantly, a very down to earth girl... This is the first time I have actually agreed to do one for a celebrity, other times I just freak out, and say no... But for Shila, it's because I personally truly do like her, and even voted for her during the finals.., apart from that, it would be fun to dress her up... So, we'll see how it goes yah...

What's new? Work, loans & events...: D'RIAS black shirt, MANGO sequined vest, THRIFTED scarf, LULU GUINESS "Art Shop" bag, MANGO jeans, GUESS wedges, gift from Azlina TOPSHOP necklace & OLD BLOSSOM'S studded bangles...

Wheee..... tomorrow is Friday! Cannot wait lah!!!

Looking at this newspaper cutting, I miss my days at NewsStraitTimes..

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


In the office, and off to events: Chiffon floral scarf, BIJOU BAZAAR cardie, OLD BLOSSOM BOX top, OLD BLOSSOM braided belt, MANGO jeans, BABY'S preloved bag from HK and NINE WEST green wedges.

I met darling Carol today... and OMG!!! Thank you love! The card alone was a big, big thing for me... Thank you.... *Mmg speechless okay....*

This Sunday, OLD BLOSSOM will be updating on a theme called:


Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Morning... Loaning, then events (what a day!), and now I'm home happily sewing 30 over bows (thank you girls... muaxs...), wearing: TOPSHOP jacket, OLD BLOSSOM BOX ruffled tee inside, MANGO jeans, SIAM SQUARE red bondage heels, THRIFTED scarf, VINCCI studded bag & SIAM SQUARE oversized ring.

To all the lovies that ordered to restock the top below... Im soo sorry, it was sold out at the stocklist, and even mini-me couldn't save one for herself... isk..isk... and the re-order would take some time (so lets pray hard that it comes back quick!)
And for this coming Sunday's update... Look out for some cute bags coming your way, with poppy colours... and best of all bows!!!
Most of all, thank you girls.... All your support, love & sweet SMS-es are the things that keeps me going! Frankly speaking, I'm still new at all of this, OLD BLOSSOM BOX has only been operating since late August last year... So if there's any mistakes that I've done....I'm soo sorry, I'm learning along the way, and I'll improve myself for the better if there's any pot-holes yeah? But SERIOUSLY, the love I get from you guys, the new strangers I get to meet (and become friends with) it's unbeatable... *VIRTUAL GROUP HUGS*

Remember this leopard top, from the Vampy & Rockabilly Collection?
Cutie Weiwei is rocking the top below! Wheee.....

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Re-edited: Oh my, lots of spelling errors..
I was typing as I was sleeping last night...

It's 2.30am, and I'm still smiling..
Why? Because these girls made me smile...

Table for 5 please, Jing Velvet Ribbons, Nadia Pumpkin, Baby Frumpy, me & Edi Lalurve,
Baby oh baby, why did u go off to party so early? Makes me soo sedih lar...

And yeay, the meet up was super fun! From shop talk to ghost stories, we covered everything, including politics. Although I've known Jing for quite awhile, it was the 2nd time to lepak with her... And she is sooo cute (in every single gesture, she is just soo cute!). Well to me & Nadia, she is the ultimate shopping queen.. It was Edi's first time meeting Jing, and she was soo smitten by Jing, she said, ..."where has she been all this time?"

Listening to Jing's & Nadia's gossips...

Some vital gossiping... was it shoes? or bags?

Jing's studded Zara out shined us all...

Me & the birthday girl Edi! And I love her to bits!!
When I first started Old Blossom, Edi was my model, and I'll forever remember that... She would come all the way to Shah Alam, solely to help me out. Knowing each other for 7 years, she's one of my best friend, and for me, my muse!! Ediana, I love you dearie!

Time to get serious, as we all were sharing the same brownie...

Edi, with her busuk... Muaz..

Home time... *Ediana dearie Lalurve, happy happy 25th birthday darling!!! (again..)
You're a great friend and I love you to bits!!

Friday, April 17, 2009


Today, wearing: THRIFTED scarf & top (with funny hem), black lace top inside, MARC BY MARC JACOBS bag, MANGO jeans, DIVA ring & VINCCI+ heels.
P.S/ I read from one of the comments asking about the Olsen's Influence book, well, I saw one in MPH Bangsar Village!
Omigosh... this is my fashion event line up for next week (which is a reminder to self too), staring on Monday: Raoul fashion show, Timeless fashion show, Bebe fashion Show, BCBGMAXAZRIA fashion presentation, MULBERRY fashion show, DIOR bag preview, Cattlyia, and finally, come Friday, LOANINGS.... and, I also have one event today... I'm going to be soo worn-out by next weekend (which Im looking forward too, coz someone is coming to town! And I must, must make time for that...)

And....I can't wait for dinner tomorrow night with the girls... Nadia, Jing, Baby & Edi!!! I haven't seen or lepak with any of these guys in 1-2 months, so tomorrow night shall be fun! In fact, I haven't been out with any of my friends in the past 3 months (thats how busy I am...) And its Edi's birthday too, and Ill be getting my buys from these guys too (time to bertukar purchases) and good food (more than triple fun!)

And this baby arrived to my feet, right before Lyana left for Aussie, including the other purple studded heels I ordered, super happy mode is on! If you want a pair (though it's sold out), why not drop at often.. Owh, and apart from shoes, I don't know why I suddenly have this crazy thing for skirts, I've been buying 7 skirts (and 3 more on the way..), I have no idea how to wear some of them, but fret not, Ill use them for styling purposes too... Speaking on that, I can't wait for the circus theme! On the music side, I love the entire One Republic album! Have a happy, happy weekend everybody..

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Edit: Yeay for fun Saturday night with the girls... I got the first reply from Arnie Bunny which was soo sweet, whilst the Law student life has taken her under hostage, she replied.... "after my finals, i join you girls ronggeng k?......" I just had to laugh out out, and just like sweet Arnie quoted, "...ronggeng is the way to be!", mintak-mintak this time jadi... since it was partly my exhaustion that was at fault for last weeks' cancellation (sorry Baby)
And next week? Im gonna be drop dead exhausted, I have 8 fashion events to go to (every single day)... and loanings too...

Finally.... OMG! I've been more busy than a bee lately, soo much things to handle, with deadlines, shoots (which I did with one of my most fave model to work with, and she also walked for Paris Fashion Week, and by far the tallest model I ever had... her legs were miles long.. see her in the June issue of Marie Claire) loans, sending-off Old Blossom's goodies...So pretty please bear with me..

An old outfit post: OLD BLOSSOM vintage chiffon blouse, TEA&SYMPATHY vest, THRIFTED scarf, gold studded necklace, studded high waisted skirt, VINCCI bag, FRINGE heels & leggings.
This week was a fun week for me working on the stuffs for OLD BLOSSOM, I loved all of the stuffs, but some of my key faves are the, cut-out dresses, red mesh clutch, puffy skirt & that floral maxi dress... I wanted to keep the red clutch for myself, but everything was sold out, even at the suppliers.. And what do I have in store for this Sunday's update? (scroll down dearies...)

Arrgh, cut-out dresses...

A vital piece! Polka dots puffy skirts!


And for this week?
The theme is...

Get your tickets ready on Sunday night...

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Day: Sunday Night
Date: 12 April
Time: 9.30PM

What's In Store Tonight?
Vintage, Mint Vintage & Truly New Collections
VINTAGE & MINT VINTAGE floral dresses to maxi dresses, and blouses!
TRULY NEW bow t-shirt, cut-out dresses, polka dot puffy skirts,
and one-off pieces from overseas hauls (part II)
And more fun, fun accessories from necklaces to headbands...

"There's No Place Like Home"
Time to follow the yellow brick road for more awesome stuffs ahead!

It's OLD BLOSSOM BOX'S interpretation of what Dorothy would wear,
if only had she more wardrobe changes!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Oh my!!! Life has been very busy for me... And a lot has happened too..
First of all, I just knew some BIG fashion industry insiders are reading my blog... and that made me soo shy! Gosh, I'm literally speechless beyond words. Coz Im just a simple girl, with no shopping buys from Prada or Chanel to share... more of a thrifted and vintage kinda girl thing...
But thank you anyway (for stopping by..)
On a different side note, I've gotten a few great offers along the way.. too bad I had to turn them down.. I may have to turn down a third offer too.. Why is life like this? I wish I had more time & energy to take all the things that comes my may 'in', but I can't... I just wish I don't regret them though.. But I just want to say thank you to RedComm/8TV for the first two offers.
Things Im looking forward to? May trip with the girls, and this Sunday's update!
"There's No Place Like Home"

Time to follow the yellow brick road for more awesome stuffs ahead!

Pictures from The Wizard Of Oz

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I'm currently busy as a bee... will be back soon,
most probably tonight...

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Don't forget darlings....
Tomorrow night!!

With 2 titled themes, so click REFRESH twice...

The Old Stories With New Twists
That Funky Do!

Look forward to more updates with the TRULY NEW edition,

Day: Sunday Night
Date: 5 April
Time: 9.30PM

Honey Pots, everything will be new and limited, yeay!
From kitschy shirts, tops, dresses to unique accessories!
Old Blossom will resume with The Wizard of Oz theme on 12 April,
with a mix of vintage, thrifted, new & handmade!
Love you lots!

I also just found out that.............

The Old Blossom Box Store

has been nominated as one of the blogshop of the month
in a competition by Your Shopping Kaki...

Pretty please *VOTE HERE* dearies (if you love The Store),
and thank you soo soo much for the support!
That goes sincerely to every one of you..
And thank you to those that wrote-in and nominated The Store
to Your Shopping Kaki, and thanks to Your Shopping Kaki too...

And I also found out that I'm
featured in this month's TongueInChic's Shopping Guide!
OH MY GOD!!! Thank you again to Joyce & Claudia!!
I haven't seen the piece yet... but I can't wait to search for the booklet in
Tea&Sympathy or Bangsar!
It's a major-major honor, and thank you TongueInChic!!!
Never in a million years would I think I would be featured in there..

Picture taken from HERE

Thursday, April 2, 2009


At STYLO event, Lake Gardens KL: THRIFTED black jacket, THRIFTED scarf, SOMMERSET BAY pink top inside, tiered PUMPKIN top, seluar kilat zipper panjang UBERLOVE, MODERN FLASHBACK straw clutch, FRINGE heels, OLD BLOSSOM 5-piece studded bracelet & DIVA ring in pink.

More pictures esok guys....