Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Today, work (it's our deadline in the office) so things get a little busy: OLD BLOSSOM polka dot bow blouse, THRIFTED scarf, ZARA gold belt, HF vintage like bag, MANGO jeans, studded OLD BLOSSOM bracelets and SIAM SQUARE sparkly wedges.

3 pairs of shoes I got from Bangkok at Siam Square! I heart them to death, bought them all in a span of half an hour, in 2 separate shops! A 'get-back' or repayment for my feets, because in the two days I was there, I only wore one ugly selipar! And brought along the most basic of clothes, coz I knew it wasn't going to be a 'holiday', more like a rushed 2 days of clothes hunting (and it was my first time there too..) Thanks to Eleanor, who made it happen, the three girls for making it a blast (even though we were close to zombie's walking..) Mook & Pop, Els Thai friends, and Naomi & Laura, for all the tips on BKK!

This pair makes my heart goes POP!

The red shoes & Akma's HF bag!

Heart basket bag, bought about 3 weeks ago with my Mum...

This is one of my fave heels, I bought it sometime ago (3 months back), but never got the chance to wear it. It's soo lovely & dainty that I'm too afraid to wear it, and get it dirty. So for now, it remains as an eye-pleaser inside the box!