Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Morning... Loaning, then events (what a day!), and now I'm home happily sewing 30 over bows (thank you girls... muaxs...), wearing: TOPSHOP jacket, OLD BLOSSOM BOX ruffled tee inside, MANGO jeans, SIAM SQUARE red bondage heels, THRIFTED scarf, VINCCI studded bag & SIAM SQUARE oversized ring.

To all the lovies that ordered to restock the top below... Im soo sorry, it was sold out at the stocklist, and even mini-me couldn't save one for herself... isk..isk... and the re-order would take some time (so lets pray hard that it comes back quick!)
And for this coming Sunday's update... Look out for some cute bags coming your way, with poppy colours... and best of all bows!!!
Most of all, thank you girls.... All your support, love & sweet SMS-es are the things that keeps me going! Frankly speaking, I'm still new at all of this, OLD BLOSSOM BOX has only been operating since late August last year... So if there's any mistakes that I've done....I'm soo sorry, I'm learning along the way, and I'll improve myself for the better if there's any pot-holes yeah? But SERIOUSLY, the love I get from you guys, the new strangers I get to meet (and become friends with) it's unbeatable... *VIRTUAL GROUP HUGS*

Remember this leopard top, from the Vampy & Rockabilly Collection?
Cutie Weiwei is rocking the top below! Wheee.....