Thursday, April 9, 2009


Oh my!!! Life has been very busy for me... And a lot has happened too..
First of all, I just knew some BIG fashion industry insiders are reading my blog... and that made me soo shy! Gosh, I'm literally speechless beyond words. Coz Im just a simple girl, with no shopping buys from Prada or Chanel to share... more of a thrifted and vintage kinda girl thing...
But thank you anyway (for stopping by..)
On a different side note, I've gotten a few great offers along the way.. too bad I had to turn them down.. I may have to turn down a third offer too.. Why is life like this? I wish I had more time & energy to take all the things that comes my may 'in', but I can't... I just wish I don't regret them though.. But I just want to say thank you to RedComm/8TV for the first two offers.
Things Im looking forward to? May trip with the girls, and this Sunday's update!
"There's No Place Like Home"

Time to follow the yellow brick road for more awesome stuffs ahead!

Pictures from The Wizard Of Oz