Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Edit: Yeay for fun Saturday night with the girls... I got the first reply from Arnie Bunny which was soo sweet, whilst the Law student life has taken her under hostage, she replied.... "after my finals, i join you girls ronggeng k?......" I just had to laugh out out, and just like sweet Arnie quoted, "...ronggeng is the way to be!", mintak-mintak this time jadi... since it was partly my exhaustion that was at fault for last weeks' cancellation (sorry Baby)
And next week? Im gonna be drop dead exhausted, I have 8 fashion events to go to (every single day)... and loanings too...

Finally.... OMG! I've been more busy than a bee lately, soo much things to handle, with deadlines, shoots (which I did with one of my most fave model to work with, and she also walked for Paris Fashion Week, and by far the tallest model I ever had... her legs were miles long.. see her in the June issue of Marie Claire) loans, sending-off Old Blossom's goodies...So pretty please bear with me..

An old outfit post: OLD BLOSSOM vintage chiffon blouse, TEA&SYMPATHY vest, THRIFTED scarf, gold studded necklace, studded high waisted skirt, VINCCI bag, FRINGE heels & leggings.
This week was a fun week for me working on the stuffs for OLD BLOSSOM, I loved all of the stuffs, but some of my key faves are the, cut-out dresses, red mesh clutch, puffy skirt & that floral maxi dress... I wanted to keep the red clutch for myself, but everything was sold out, even at the suppliers.. And what do I have in store for this Sunday's update? (scroll down dearies...)

Arrgh, cut-out dresses...

A vital piece! Polka dots puffy skirts!


And for this week?
The theme is...

Get your tickets ready on Sunday night...