Monday, August 31, 2009


I rarely see these guys.... more like once or twice a year (although everyone's in KL), but these are my VVVVVIP's... and my very very best friends for life! We all met through UiTM Diploma MassComm, and went through A LOT together!!! All the hardships of being students, staying up late, pinjam baju/bag/kasut, endless gossips... kejar bus/rebut bus, jalan kaki, saman pak guard, Sg. Wang, bus to KL-S2, room mates-house mates, Rock The World, Converse, and soo much more!!! 7 years and still strong!!!

Anna, Ifa, Mimye & Lyanna...

The TWO brides-to-be!!!! Ifa & Mimye....

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Last night with the girls, berbuka di Chef & Brew... I had a meanie Lamb Shank, after.. it was late night gossips with toasted roti susu and coffee..

Nadia, Lyana, Baby & me...

Wearing: Vintage pussy bow top, OLD BLOSSOM BOX/ scallop bow dress, LITTLE NORTH ITALY/ skinny leggings, SG WANG/ same old shoes, NINE WEST/ vintage bag, MODERN FLASHBACK...

Tomoorow dearies on


It's the last batch of imported goodies brought in for August, before Old Blossom goes
away to bring more imported goodies all throughout September too...

What's in store? Stripy jackets, peplum, sweet bow tops, hearts, polka dots and more vintage!

Friday, August 21, 2009


Who doesnt love Anna Sui? From the quirky yet vibrant collections parading down the runways, all with that touch of vintage, which I truly love... And as we all know, Anna Sui doesn't just stop at that! I've always adored their make up & perfume too... Not just for the fab products itself, but the bottles and casing just had me sold... Again, with all that added vintage quirk!

With the launch of the new Anna Sui Moisture Rich Fluid Foundation, at RM134... I just had to test it out!

For more info, go to Tongue In Chic or Anna Sui/TiC

Gorgeous bottle, like a magic potion... ready to make your skin flawless...

The easy to apply foundation was a God send, and the be the judge..

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Had dinner date with 3 hotties, Miss Carol, Nadia Pumpkin and Miss Laura OCD.. A night full of laughter and makan! Which I Love!!!

Pakai baju: Leopard knit cardie, F21; scarf, an old one; Who Killed Bambi tee, OLD BLOSSOM BOX; cute necklace, TOPSHOP UK.

Then yesterday, it was breakfast & lunch date with Lyana Uberlove & Nadia Pumpkin (dah 2 weeks in a row dah) ...

Old Blossom will be back with more sweet as candy goodies,
as all items are 'imported & not restockable', reservations is strictly 2 days.

Those Playful Things Part II
Sunday Night

23 August
Time: To Be Confirmed
P.S: Mini update this Friday on Lippy Ballerina & Wonder Bow

Things to look forward to: Floral bows, dolly printed peplum, polka dot peplum,
more cute cardigans, and florals...

Monday, August 17, 2009


Happy news everyone, Shila's One In A Million album, Bebaskan is coming out this 20th.
Wardrobe for the album in-lays are all styled by me, with vintage and truly new items from The Old Blossom Box Store & some Topshop pieces too, which also includes the handmade bows! I hope everyone loves her new look, and do do get the album out soon! She was also styled in Old Blossom during her recent press conference for the launch of the new album!


Speechless OMG! I can't wait for it to be on my FEET!

Friday, August 14, 2009


Dearies, Old Blossom now has a blog, at,
on news, what's coming in store, and all the behind the scene news on what goodies
the store has for you, it's not fully ready yet though, thank you...

Theme: Let's Rock & Roll
Time: 8PM
Day: Sunday

Rock the music beats with edgy pieces, like studs, stripes, more peplum, more bondage & duffel bags! All upcoming goodies are imported & totally not restockable...

P.S: Old Blossom's Birthday goodies for every rm35 and above...

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Tonight dearies...

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Yeay, finally pictures of Shila's red carpet in Old Blossom at the recent Shout Awards!

Helloooooo.... updated already on the good news..., it's Old Blossom's 1 year anniversary... Syukur... and ofcourse, it's not all me... my MUM (for all the help and everything in between, helping me, always with me when im hauling things, and being soo suportive in everythg that I've decided to do), my first ever model, Edi (opening her own site soon too), and Kay... (for all the teman2 too, helping me post my parcels sometimes, driving me to & fro.... and all the times he teman's me at endless bazaars) and Wani, Baby & Nadia Pumpkin too (teaching me on how to deal with thgs when I wasnt so sure)!!!!!!! There's soo many people to thank for all the help & support.... Seriously, thank you everybody.... all the customers (yang dah jadi kawan pun mostly....), media from magazines to newspaper, 8TV, and Shila One In A Million and team for trusting & wearing Old Blossom (do look out for her new album styled by me, with pieces from Od Blossom too, coming out soon.....) Muaxs..... and many many thanks again...

Theme: Vintage Love Burst
Day: Sunday Night
Date: 9 August
Time: 8PM

What's in store? Denim polka dot boyf' blazer, cotton floral peplums, floral jackets, and a whole load of other goodies, to kick-start Old Blossom's birthday month...

Good news, as it's Old Blossom Box's 1 year anniversary today! Freebies with every purchase above RM35 for the whole month! Please note that most things (90%) are Imported for August, and reservations is only within 48 hours... (if not item will go to the next buyer in-line)... Thanks for the 1 year support, and note that Old Blossom is a Registered Company too. Again, thank you soo soo much everyone... Especially to the first ever customer, who was Stella & Zarina... and all the media & review blogs for all the support too. Lets hope more goodies will come our way!


My close friend during my fashion design years in UiTM, Wani is leaving for Penang (which Im soo bummed about) even tried talking her out of it endlessly... What's a better way to celebrate, than eating loadsa food!! As a surprise for Wani, .... Lyana, Nadia & Edi came too... Just when she thought it was a dinner date just with me... *Wani, Im gonna miss you truckloads, takde teman Bijou Bazaar dah, & teman jalan2, and teman pg makan..., so a trip to Penang is a must have for me...

Kat atas, Edi, *WANI*, Lyana, Nadia & mini me...

Dah lama tak buat ni... I was wearing: TOPSHOP floral cardie, lace top from UGLY DUCKLING, FOURSKIN brown skinnies, MR FREDDY leopard handbag, OLD BLOSSOM silver double heart necklace (coming soon) and my old & very worn out NINE WEST pumps...

Food & more food....

Just before we headed back home.. Btw, Lyana of UBERLOVE dah tukar site URL..
the new one is: