Thursday, August 6, 2009


Yeay, finally pictures of Shila's red carpet in Old Blossom at the recent Shout Awards!

Helloooooo.... updated already on the good news..., it's Old Blossom's 1 year anniversary... Syukur... and ofcourse, it's not all me... my MUM (for all the help and everything in between, helping me, always with me when im hauling things, and being soo suportive in everythg that I've decided to do), my first ever model, Edi (opening her own site soon too), and Kay... (for all the teman2 too, helping me post my parcels sometimes, driving me to & fro.... and all the times he teman's me at endless bazaars) and Wani, Baby & Nadia Pumpkin too (teaching me on how to deal with thgs when I wasnt so sure)!!!!!!! There's soo many people to thank for all the help & support.... Seriously, thank you everybody.... all the customers (yang dah jadi kawan pun mostly....), media from magazines to newspaper, 8TV, and Shila One In A Million and team for trusting & wearing Old Blossom (do look out for her new album styled by me, with pieces from Od Blossom too, coming out soon.....) Muaxs..... and many many thanks again...

Theme: Vintage Love Burst
Day: Sunday Night
Date: 9 August
Time: 8PM

What's in store? Denim polka dot boyf' blazer, cotton floral peplums, floral jackets, and a whole load of other goodies, to kick-start Old Blossom's birthday month...

Good news, as it's Old Blossom Box's 1 year anniversary today! Freebies with every purchase above RM35 for the whole month! Please note that most things (90%) are Imported for August, and reservations is only within 48 hours... (if not item will go to the next buyer in-line)... Thanks for the 1 year support, and note that Old Blossom is a Registered Company too. Again, thank you soo soo much everyone... Especially to the first ever customer, who was Stella & Zarina... and all the media & review blogs for all the support too. Lets hope more goodies will come our way!