Monday, March 30, 2009


Bangkok, it was a rushed two day! Saturday morning till Sunday night!!!

Our room wall in Take-A-Nap hotel..

Shopping hauls in one day, thank god El's Thai friend, Pop, was there to take us back to the hotel. My arms felt like they were ready to drop off... my legs felt like they were gone already.. And out of 100% of my shopping, 80% goes to Old Blossom, yeay!!

Our cute little hotel..

The girls... Eleanor, Akma, Lyana (with longer hair now..) and Eleanor's Thai friend Mook,who took us around Bangkok.. she was soo nice! And witnessed my shopping frenzy, so she told me to "close your eyes" when passing a few shops, just in case i get carried away every time I see a shop... Me? I'm the one behind the camera...
Our table at JJ Market.. recycled sewing machines! Just my thing...
Just sew away whilst you eat.. ha..ha..
Owh, Baby Awesome just updated her Not Frumpy site after so long, yeay finally.. Lovies, please, please, go * here *.. I ordered the sparkly tutu skirt!
EDIT: Some people just makes me sad... sad and confused, on why they would do such a thing. Dear somebody, if you know who u are, why please? Thanks for being a 'i thought you were a friend'... and totally spoiling my mood.