Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Dear all, Ive been really bad at replying comments now days.. I blame the 'not enough of 24-hours' a day, a very busy schedule daily, and just about enough time to drop a few words on this blog!! I will try to slowly reply all soon k? Thanks for stoppng by..

Above are pictures from my recent company trip to Phuket, for much needed R&R... soon, ill be off to Bangkok! Woot!!! With Lyana, Akma & Eleanor... And what will we be be doing? Shopping for our blogshops ofcoz! I just can't wait!!

And yeay, Im in this month KLUE magazine!!! Which is really meaningful for me, coz I bought KLUE since I was 18... So thank you KLUE & Sarah Chan..
Owh.. another note, Old Blossom will be at Bijou Bazaar again this weekend! For major price slash! Nothing over RM30, and blouses going for RM15 and below... Yeay!!