Monday, January 4, 2010


was a very great year...

Although it was a really busy busy year for me, 2009 brought sooo many great things that I will always be bersyukur for... half of things or most of, I wouldn't even ever dream of achieving... Especially at 25, and I thank all those that helped me reached this far... especially my MUM, who constantly believed in me, and helped me in any and every way that she can...

Some highlights/drastic things of my year:

- Leaving Marie Claire magazine! It was my absolute dream job and my first ever job (only after 1 week of finishing my finals in UiTM), and Im beyond thankful to my Editor, Mindy Teh for taking me in for the fashion position in the magazine.. I thought it was beyond impossible, since i wear a scarf (as I have been turned down before because of that)., I even told Vee (when he suggested that I try for the position), that I would never ever get it. But I guessed, she must have saw me passed my scarf and all... It was a great 1 year experience, I went to places I would never thought I could, like Chanel's fashion show, LV's secret VIP showroom, loaning expensive things I could never afford, handling shoots and styling, and writing about fashion in a magazine with my byline (which was most important) .. But I had soo many things coming my way, I just couldn't juggle working/ Old Blossom/ blogging and other things all at once, so to make one more dream come true... I had to let this one go..

- Tongue In Chic! and Joyce Kinkybluefairy has been a really great supporter this year! Thanks sooo much for the endless invites, from styling for the LG red party in 2008, endless shots of me on the site, Chic POP, appearing on the April Tongue In Chic Shopping Guide.. To the most recent article by Gwen (thank you soo much)

- Bijou Bazaar! Especially Maryam... Thank you sooo much dear!

- First trip with friends!!!!! which was with Lyana Uberlove, Eleanor and Akma...

- Appearing on 8TV's Impian series as a special guest (Thanks to Red Comm)

- All the endless support from local newspapers and magazines, for featuring me and Old Blossom Box, especially Kosmo (x2 this year), Berita Harian ( x2), KLUE magazine, Seventeen ( I can't recall how many times), Intrend (Thanks VEE!!!), Eh!,, Malay Mail, Tongue In Chic and especially News Straits Times. And Marie Claire Hungary...
(and soo sorry to all the media I had to turn down because of the time factor)

- On air with Jakim's radio station.

- Two of my very best friends getting married (CONGRATS to Ifa & Mimye) and my very first time in Kedah

- styling darling Shila from One In A Million, first for the red carpet of OIAM finals... Then her stage outfit and red carpet for 8TV's Shout Awards (Thanks to Edi, Shila and her management) and as her official stylist for her debut album cover and inlay..

- my first trip/holiday with just my mum in a looooong time.. ;)

- meeting soooooo many wonderful people out there, thank you to all the Old Blossom customers which gardually became my friend(s) even though its just through sms-es or emails, and some Im lucky enough to meet in person.. Thank you sooo much! For being such darlings... And thanks to all the girls I get to meet out there too, and for all the hello's in person or on facebook..

- Actress Intan Ladyana in Old Blossom Box for the Cosmopolitan magazine gala.

- and finally, finally Old Blossom Box the boutique. Another dream gradually becoming true.

So to all girls out there, it's never to late to start on anything, or dream (and to Eka, Im sooo happy for you, thank god all the endless msn talk resulted in you, achieving soo much already... )
As an example, I came from sooo many different education backgrounds ( a bit of science based in high school, then Civil Engineering in Sek Men Teknik) about to be off for Quantity Survayer (?), but changed to Mass Comm for my diploma the very last minute! Then as I changed to Fashion Design for my degree (with no art's or sewing background at all), everything just changed from there..

And ever since after my SPM studies, I have always been working part time, and all through all the 'semester breaks in UiTM", from waitressing and mending the cashier at Nyonya Kitchen in sec.9, salesgirl/cashier at a VCD shop in sec. 9, helping a friends shop, salesgirl and jewellery designer at a semi precious jewellery shop, selling/making custom clutches on my old blog (first buyer was Lyana Uberlove back in 2007) contributor writer for NST... I just loved working... (I think, if i did'nt already have a boyfriend from my studying days, I would have become a very very single girl..coz Im soo busy and I hardly ever go out anymore, unless it was work related)

I hope it has been a great year for all of you too, and I hope all you girls work hard in making your dreams come true, as I slowy make mine too.. and I have always believed in the power of visualization, as some of my lecturers in UiTM has told me.. and always always be thankful for everything that comes our way...

Let's all hope that 2010 will be a great new year ahead...


EKA NAZHWA January 15, 2010 at 10:40 AM  

"and to Eka, Im sooo happy for you, thank god all the endless msn talk resulted in you, achieving soo much already.."

I love you Mine. I'll always be your #1 fan. :)

bijoubazaar January 17, 2010 at 11:27 PM  

eh? just saw the thank you note ... ekceli, thanks to YOU for your support, am ever so grateful. :o)

Maryam @ Bijou Bazaar

lyana uberlove January 18, 2010 at 8:48 AM  

yay Mine!!! bigger dreams this year!!