Thursday, December 18, 2008


I managed to get an outfit photo before I headed to work this morning!

Wearing today: OLD BLOSSOM shirt (with 50s prints of aircraft's, helicopter etc...) yellow MANGO denim vest, THRIFTED jeans and scarf, VINCCI t-bar heels, bought from CRYST bag and SAYA SUKALAH necklace.
Edit: Am sitting in the office today, munching 2 sets of Wondermilk's sandwiches (Chicken Presto & BBQ Chicken/ sangat-sangat tamak) and got 3 sets of the caramel biscuits too (All thanks to Deza who had lunch there...)

Aircrafts and hellys...
P.S/ My Inbox/Outbox on my handphone is out again.. So please email me or call if there's anything you peps need to contact me about... Thank you lovies