Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Over the weekend (on Sunday), had a lovely meet-up plus breakfast, between a Fringed Lyana, a Not so frumpy Baby, an Orange Pumpkin Nadia and Old Box me... It consisted of girly chats, what & where to shop, fun giggles & dark secrets (ha..ha..ha.. siapa ye?) We should do this again, and gather all the girls back that couldn't make it on that day! I heart you guys!

Lyana UBERLOVE, Baby hebat, me & Nadia Pumpkin...

Breakfast was special coz it consisted of 2 flats and 2 ankle boots...

Lyana & moi

Baby and Nadia Pumpkin

Kay came to pick me up, and had to listen to half an hour of girly chats..
and had lunch with Kay at Sushi King.

Vintage leather clutch, I was gonna sell this off, but I love it too much!

I shall be busy making these for Old Blossom, and to those girls who actually ordered.. Thank you soo much! Terharu giler okay.. Wear it anywhere and everywhere ok? Thank you, thank you, thank you...