Friday, December 5, 2008


Hooray! I finally got my Honors Degree in Fashion Design! A dream come true, with a lot of stressful sewings days, lots of coffee, hard-hard work and supportive family & friends! This day is for my MUM!! Thank you Mama for EVERYTHING... EVERYTHING that she has done for me... I Love You Mum and this day is for you, as much as it was for me... though i didn't get that pink selempang like Princess did... (*note to Princess: Gosh, I dont know where u get ur stamina from dear, but Congratulations! She got the Anugerah Dekan Di Raja, Best Student of whole AD Faculty, scores 3.80 and above every semester and is all rounder fabulous student! and I want the world to know that)

Me & Princes, if I only knew the selempang would be in pink, I would've worked my ass a little harder.. (so for those yang not too late, study hard yah... the thingy is in PINK)

I'll miss them, I'll miss my lecturers and I'll miss UiTM!