Monday, December 22, 2008


The Blossom Dress by Naomi..
Picture credits to Naomi of Tea&Sympathy

A dress made in honor of me..
Dearest Naomi,
Like you, i can re-call that day perfectly in my head.. (just like it was yesterday...) Me sitting at my desk (then at NST), playing about on the internet, clicking Selltrade, when I stumbled upon your then Vivapurplemascara. It was love at first sight! Then we met at MidValley for my dress.. And you were nice on the spot! We found out we were both in the media (then..) And Im soo soo proud of you Naomi... And I'm soo soo honored for that dress that you designed in honor of someone like me, I'm soo baffled beyond belief, and I love it to bits.. It shall be a token of our friendship, and as a heirloom for my future children's, grandchildrens, and a story of Tea & Sympathy! Thank you, thank you and thank you. And yes, like you... I love you coz you made your dream a reality, your nice, sweet, independent and down to earth too.. I love you Naomi! This is better than any birthday present coz it was such a surprise to me! Again, thank you!