Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Hello there? Im still alive!! Ha..ha..ha... but just lost in a pile of work, both office & Old Blossom...
Thank you to those that came to Bijou Bazaar... it was nice meeting you guys there, *waves* to Syimah, Irene, Carol (who was there bright & early), Ilyana, Haida and others too. I had a happy time eating mostly, and hangging out with the girls...
To those who were there, I also sold some *like zaman dulu-dulu* paperdolls... Which the girls had fun picking up & playing (hello Lady Esah/Rysa, Lyana, Wani & Yuyu), and I also wore a paperdoll printed tee which I recently bought from Tea & Sympathy (hello Kak Naomi..), so I thought why not dedicate a theme on Paperdolls this Sunday night? The forgotten toy/play thingy that we all use to loooove.... So here it is:
Theme: The Paperdoll Collection
Time: 9PM

and...... please, pretty please dont forget tonight's mini, mini, Home Made update from me....

Thank you... I promise Ill be back with a real post soon! I crazy miss blogging!