Friday, July 24, 2009


Theme: Blossom Treats
Time: 8PM
Date: 26 July
Day: Sunday Night!

What's in store: Handmade oversized wooden brooches, more clothes, bracelets and more fun things ahead!

Ayam 5 Bintang kat Pantai Dalam, I declare this is REEAAAL food! Apart from the 5 plates of rice, big bowl of sup sayur, orange juice and a smack-dap of a whole chicken, its only RM35! Dah lar sedap gileee.... Omg! Dah terliur balik....

Eager eaters, Kay, me & Aish... (yes, kiteorg pakai jaket makan kat kedai tepi jalan...)

EH! duo, Yana & Bidin... (Thank you for the box-full of goodies, cm bukak Christmas present!)

Beats any 5 star rated hotel food!

Will write more later, going out to eat again...