Friday, April 23, 2010


Outfit post..... Multi coloured hued scarf from MUM, OLD BLOSSOM elactric blue lace jacket & floral bondage skirt, TOPSHOP pink tee & floral beaded necklace, HENRY HOLLAND clutch, COTTON ON Mickey Mouse leggings & ALDO strap wedges. PS: I guess I got dressed to match my clutch..

The AWESOME GIRLS behind LEFTBLOCK, Joyce (above) busy preparing the event's speech,
Well done girls... everything was SUPER AWESOME......
What these girls did was... take NIKE pieces (tees, jackets, leggings) , and constructed the pieces into amazing edgy pieces.. My fave fave has to be the fringed NIKE top...

I felt really  honoured to be part of the 'Friends Of LEFTBLOCK', alongside super girls like Roxy (SEVENDAYS), Ming (Model), Miss Eka, Amanda and Raeesa... (Thanks sooo much Joyce, Jacinta & Chelle)

We had fun by taking part into groups and styling, and we even had to walk the runway donning LEFTBLOCK X NIKESPORTWEARS clothes... Thank god I don't have pictures of me doing that, I felt sooo ugly compared to all the other hot and beautiful girls that was part of the 'Friends of LEFTBLOCK' doing the catwalk...

Model Dee, getting prepped up.. (I worked with her previously during Project Runway Malaysia and she was my main model for my UiTM final degree fashion show)

The fashion show was really unique, coz whilst the models was parading... the three LEFTBLOCK girls demonstrated styling tips right there and then... I couldn't snap the pictures of the models parading as my camera wasn't fast enough to capture them walk...

Me and dearest Fira, she even wore OLD BLOSSOM to the event (polka dot top and studded heels)

Miss Illyana, Sabrina and Fira ;)
Even Sabrina was wearing OLD BLOSSOM heart cut out dress and oversized black clutch.

Little me with Zuria, Illyana and Naddy...

Met with some familiar faces, Ami, Kish and Msvlad...

Our game styling session, Illyana was our group model....
All donned in NIKE (upper part), and a great group member made a bag from a NIKE tee..

It was an awesome night, and a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Joyce, Jacinta & Chelle and ofcourse NIKE SPORTSWEAR!

PS: Thanks to all the girls that greeted and said "Hi" to me last night... and thanks soo much for reading my blog..


ZAFIRAH HANIS April 23, 2010 at 2:40 PM  

the group styling looks soo much fun! sedihnya i missed it all out. hehe... congrats mine! and thank u for giving me e tix ! hugs! :)

Ms Road Runner April 23, 2010 at 7:04 PM  

babes... nanti i nak curi the pictures k... thanks for the tix and for styling me last night! ;)

superumi April 24, 2010 at 10:59 AM  

This looks so much fun :) everyone looking great!

Sabby Prue April 24, 2010 at 12:42 PM  

mine! i curi some of the photos tau... ;)