Friday, December 10, 2010


Me and dearest, dearest Warda ;)
She's decked in OLDBLOSSOMBOX (sooo happy)
Warda is wearing OBB Cupcake Print Pleated Dress & cardigan with bows that I made..
Thanks sooo much Warda!!

The gorgeous Lyna dropped by again today, 
to bring her little sister the shop all the way from Kedah...
And Lyna is wearing an OLDBLOSSOMBOX polka dot tutu maxi skirt and handbag ;D
Thanks soo much Lyna..

Hellooooooo Again, we have been blessed to see another beautiful Friday.. This week was pretty hectic for me, a lot of work and running around, and sent some Old Blossom Box Label Collection for production, I super can't wait! A few pieces are completed already...

Today, Im wearing a lot of hearts.. 3 of it to be precise! TOPSHOP heart long cardigan, OLDBLOSSOMBOX pink heart netted top, TOPSHOP heart print skirt, SG.WANG leggings, polka dot scarf from Mum, DIVA necklace & OLDBLOSSOMBOX cut out clogs ;D

3 different hearts <3 <3 <3


PS: A shout out to photographer Carl Samsudin... Thanks soooo much for featuring me and OLD BLOSSOM BOX on your blog! Major TERHARU, and can't wait to work together come January ;) Thanks soooo much Carl! Read it HERE


sue. December 10, 2010 at 3:18 PM  

i read ur happines on ur cute...heee...nnt makin lawa larh pic u dgn en carl 2 na....


Harleen David December 10, 2010 at 5:15 PM  

I like all the hearts in your outfit :D Cantik and so cute!
Btw, I've always wanted to go to your shop. It looks so happy and fairytale-ish. If I happen to go to KL I would love to drop by and get something! Your stuff online cepat giler sold out..


Jezmine Blossom December 10, 2010 at 5:27 PM  

sue: tu la.... hahahaha... kantoi ;P insyaAllah... thanks tau sue.. u sgt sgt comel okeh! suka tgk avatar twitter u!

harleen: hi dear ;D thanks sooo much, i suka heart prints.. bila nampak, cair sikit.. awwww thanks soo much tau! u dtg nnt cakap tau.. takde la cepat pun.. kekadang je dear.. anyway, thanks soo much tau! xoxoxo too harleen!