Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Diets and exercises? Are any of you big fans of those two? Or did any of you try both methods, but nothing seems to work? Well, recently I was invited to interview famous actress & hot mum, Sazzy Falak (who not long ago gave birth to two very cute twins) It was a fun session interviewing Sazzy, where we also laughed, talked about her beautifully decorated home (by her Mum), shoes, how she was a tomboy and asked her a bunch of questions on how she got her hot body back.  Her first answer was, BizzyBody! To those that are not familiar with Bizzy Body,  it's Asia’s leading slimming brand and trusted brand for professionals.

So how does it work? Let's read on how Sazzy does it...

Me: You are an actress, host, singer, wife and recently, a mother to 2 beautiful twin girls. How do you juggle these roles and stay in tiptop health?
Sazzy: Women and mothers are awesome multi taskers. We can juggle two things at once. And before I was a mother, I was in an industry doing a lot of things such as acting, hosting, so that taught me how to manage my time wisely. And slowly, I got better at it. And the only way for me to be in tip top health is exercise. People kept asking me if there were any other tips, but nope.. its by exercising! Two to three times a week.

Me: Of all the slimming brands out there, what made you chose BizzyBody?
Sazzy: Well the name Bizzy has got to mean something I guess, so it's suitable for busy people like me. And what I love most about it, is because it has specific treatments that we can choose.  For me it's also not about just losing weight, but it's also about perfecting some areas which even exercise can't do. With BizzyBody I can choose which areas I want to improve, and it's also about detoxing. Being a mother now, there are certain things I want to improve and BizzyBody helps.

Me: How do you find the service?
Sazzy: I find the service great. They made me feel completely at ease, comfy... coz you know how daunting some of these places can be, sometimes you don't know what to do and so on, so they do take the time to explain and guide you through out the procedure. Which I love.

Me: Did you have any misgivings about the Slimming industry?
Sazzy: No, I knew it would work. Again, being a mother now, any reinforcement to make my body look and feel good is great. Because at a certain stage you do need help to regain the shape that you want back, and with me being in this industry, it's important to look good.

Me: What do you think of Wyann’s initiative to have fixed prices for all treatments?
Sazzy: I think it's great! It's very consumer friendly, and that's what most people need.

Thank youuuuuuuu Sazzy!

BizzyBody’s 7th year in the running has set yet another milestone in achieving great success and aims at giving back to the community and the environment, one of it's highlight will be no more usage of plastic bags by December and instead will launch a series of reusable bags (Specially designed by our top 9 celebrities, Ong Beng Hee & Jessica Hsuan, Bizzy Body & Facial First regional spokesperson).

Also, on top of that 70,000 slimming treatments are up for grabs at RM7 each. 7,000 facial Treatments from Facial First is also available at RM 7 per session (up to 20sessions for BizzyBody, and 1 session for Facial First, per customer sign-up). What are you waiting for....
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Looking at this picture, kinda brings back good memories when I was a journalist/writer for NST & Marie Claire magazine, and I do miss it at times...


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nice entry, hello bizzybody sounds like busybody lah:)