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It's my story on Sabah again,
as you can recall from an earlier blogspot
Hornbill Girl In The Land Below The Wind
On the 2nd day of my trip to Sabah (all thanks again to the airline we rely on, Air Asia and the Sabah Tourism Board) we had a trip to the Upside Down House. I couldnt believe I was actually there, because I saw sooo many pictures of the Upside Down House on instragram (a fave spot to drop by when you're in Sabah) that I knew this place was worth the visit.

Although the tour wasnt really long, but its interesting to see, and see how creative they are for pulling off something like this. And the guy who took us through the house was hilarious too.


Snapping away for sure. 
Its rare to see an upside down house..




Mari Mari Cultural Village
Loved it here.. In the lush forest with replicas of various tribes long houses. What fascinates me are the historical facts on each tribes, and how their culture and home differ from one another. again, being a girl from Sarawak, I have always loved cultural places, and besides the Sarawak Cultural Village, Mari Mari Cultural Village is the second that I've been too.

At one of the houses, it has a stream right outside its 'hut' window.
Would this be like a fantasy?
I wish there was a stream outside MY bedroom window at home.

Remember, if you do come to Sabah, be sure to drop by to the cultural village, and listen to the guide as he walks you through. It was such an interesting and educational session. Our guide was a funny man, so it made it more fun!

And, its not complete if you came to Borneo and not watch a cultural show..

Air Asia x Sabah Tourism Board part 3 soon :)


wanie October 18, 2013 at 11:08 AM  

hi mine...really excited looking at the upside down huru hara...haha...btw,the pink shirt, is that qastury...?hahaha...