Thursday, October 8, 2009


Wearing today: OLD BLOSSOM BOX embroidered tuxedo top (available soon.... and yuppy, ada kat Nadia's Pumpkin too), TOPSHOP purple cardie, embroidered beaded bib necklace, F21 semi-killer heels, purple brief case-like flap bag, OLD BLOSSOM BOX pink & blue cameo brooches, MNG super lusuh jeans (coz dah lama), purple scarf from my MUM (sorry for the goofy pose.....)

Today: Did some work, getting ready for things for the shoot, got lost in Cheras looking for Utusan (and nearly cried..... *Thank you Amnie & Yan for saving me....), did a shoot & interview for Kosmo, minum petang and yap yap with my high school best friend Amnie..... Then home for dinner, cooked by my MUM (WHEEEEEE)....

Malam, Baby surprised me.... by making me a TWITTER account.... so add if you like, @jezmineblossom, thank you..

Kosmo team, make up artist & model.... It was more focused on Vintage though...