Friday, October 9, 2009


I love this Luella catwalk.... and I super love the big bow on the head...

Been busy selecting, ironing and taking pics for tonight's update (earlier)... Made the new black version of the ribbon brooches (my first time.... as i have always made them colourful before this...), then it's off folding & packing all these items... And the Old Blossom signature stripy plastic bag is running out (Im soo sad...., but a bit relief as I still have the heart prints left...) It's annoying coz all theses lovely plastic bags are imported, and i try to get them everytime I go "out"... and it is quite heavy to be lugging plastic bags from one place to the other, but then again.. it's fun to pack things in them.... (and i seriously dont know why Im yapping about plastic bags here...)

Owwwh, I can't wait for my sleepover with the girls again... and on another random note: I'll be quite busy this weekend with COD's and weddings..

Seriously nothing fun to yap about right now (so I'll shut up).... have a great weekend!