Thursday, June 18, 2009


Leaving me home alone for 2 weeks, my mum & little brother went to Europe for holiday, and yes, I shall confess, I cried like a baby (sampai bengkak mata)!!!! I also wanna go back to England!! I miss the air, the greasy fish & chips, car boot sales and the whole country side scene... (just to name a few...)

But my mum, being the special person that she is, she shopped for me (about anywhere she could) although they were more on the touristy kinda thing, moving up, down, east to west England and then Paris, my Mum tried o buy me things when ever she could.. And the ultimate tear-jerker was when she told me, she cried on the Eiffel Tower coz I wasn't there..

I only told my Mum to get the Union Jack jacket from Topshop.. and the others below are all her picks.. but mainly she shopped in Topshop for me... There's a whole load of other little tid bits too, like candies, beautiful dcorated biscuit tins, lot of t-shirts and stuffs like that... *Mama, I love you!!!

The Topshop jacket

Necklaces from Topshop & Aldo

Polka dot heart brooch from Claire's, and mini Eiffy...

Floral cardigan from Topshop...

Jersey jacket with memblem, Topshop.

This Horsey Mary-Go-Around bag is huuuge!! Topshop too...

Eiffel printed dress & black top with crochet, both Topshop too...

Shopping bag...

I Love Paris panty & top set from Topshop

This huge leather doctor's bag from Paris, that she bought too..

Love love love!!! this Queen Marie Antoinette file, postcards & ruler set my Mum got from Paris!

Around 15-20 designs of these eco-friendly 'I LOVE LONDON', 'I LOVE PARIS' etc bags...

Knowing my love for stationaries, Mum also got me these (and a LOT of pencil cases, bookmarks, pencils & rulers) Maybe coz Ill always be a kid to her, and not 25... hahhha

And moving along... my recent shoes, Balmain inspired studded & faux diamond glad heels from OrangeLittle and a brown leather heels from Aldo... *heart these babies...*