Sunday, June 28, 2009


With darling Dell...

With Izuria love!!!!

Loves of my life, these are my true true bestfriends that you guys dont normally see on the blog (apart from Baby, coz she's always on my blog), because we jarang jumpa/especially me (around 1-4 times a year kut...) Anna, Mimye & Lyanna... the one that is missing from the picture? IFA!!!
I absolutely love Anna, Mimye, Lyanna & Ifa, coz we went through a lot during our Masscomm diploma days, going on/off busses to sec 2/stadium/, walking a lot and moaning/wishing we had cars. Late night sleeps at the hostel. Fights during group work. Sleepless nights at the cc's in sec2. Going to sec2 at night just to buy nasi lemak, then masuk UiTM balik... Each others 'bank' when one of us is dry. Sharing baju, bags to shoes. They are my 911 (apart from my Mum & Kay) Everything, all the susah payah bersama-sama. *Guys, eventhough Im always and forever too busy to lepak, I love you!!!

Visit the newly launch KL Street Syle bog HERE (Thanks for the pictures girls..)

Wearing: TOPSHOP UK floral cardie, OLD BLOSSOM polka dot top, VINTAGE scarf, MANGO jeans, TOPSHOP floral necklace, OLD BLOSSOM skinny blue belt and GUESS wedges.

With Shea... Finally dapat jumpa... Hahahahha... Thank you dear, it was a nice surprise tau, and it was nice to have finally met you too... (Pictures from Shea via Facebook)

Hello, Happy Sunday... Thank you for yesterday! Even though it's hot! hot! hot! I had a blast!!! Thanks for all your warm "Hello's", and taking pictures with me.... Tag me in Facebook, so that I could post it here! Sorry if I seemed 'comot', it was soo hot, and I was wearing a couple of layers (so hope you peeps could understand... hahahhahaha), it was so so nice to meet everyone.. behind the SMS-es, emails and Facebook. Thank you lagi....... and thanks for buying/shopping at the booth, hoped you guys loved your buys....

Tonight, as usual updates at OLD BLOSSOM BOX, at 8PM.... Only a few pieces though, from accessories to clothes, Im adding a few rare items, and things Ive kept for special updates, and because Im super happy, and with the super encouragement from *Carol Love*, Im releasing some today.... I was having mixed feeling if I should update or not, coz Im super tired... but she gave me a good push... Thanks Carol... And I feel bad for postponing, coz I've written it on the blog already... Well, lets hope you guys will love it...