Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Featured in TongueInChic again.... Written by YMF Kish! Yeay Kish!!!! Read it *HERE*

Quite sometime ago ( I look soo cacat here, but nevermind....), lunch after loaning at +Wondermilk (I went there on the first day they re-opened): OLD BLOSSOM shirt, my beloved scarf which I had to throw away (coz I burnt it whilst ironing... Soo sad, it was one of my faves), TOPSHOP sequined bolero (got it in 2005!) and my Aldo clutch...

A short update, what Im wearing today: Two-toned heels (I super love jugak) and my Aldo clutch (using backdrop for Old Blossom) and... 3 more days left in Marie Claire (soo much to pack up!!)