Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Teser up already lovies..
So please head over to The Store..
~ Thank You ~

As I wrote earlier in the day, today was loaning day & I went with Shakila... coz we had to test drive the new Honda Jazz.. (Just to see if all our loaning/shopping bags could fit the car) Its damn huge inside... Neways, i've been eyeing this two toned heels in F21 for quite some time.. The height of the shoes got me thinking whether it was worth my buy or not.. But today, i just couldnt tahan myself anymore, and took myself out of the misery, and just got it! so hopefully, hopefully, i will actually wear them...

Forever 21

Testing...testing, 1, 2, 3...

Apart from the OMG! Super Duper high heels, i got these two on Tuesday! Both are major, major love! A month of could'nt tahanmyself anymore...

Fringe gladiator in brown.

Fringe gladiators in grey.


I managed to pack all 24 parcels last nite...

And now, a whole day of loaning to the shops,

KLCC, Pavilion & Starhill...

Here I come!