Thursday, November 27, 2008


The Old Blossom Box Store
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Off to UiTM to get my robe for my graduation day next week! Wearing: D'RIAS mustard top, THRIFTED jeans, VINTAGE tompok scarf, VINTAGE sea shell belt worn as a necklace taken out from OLD BLOSSOM BOX, NINE WEST heels & MODERN FLASHBACK bag.

Yesterday, was tiring... I didn't have the energy to take an outfit post.. Because it was off loaning to the shops all day long... 18 shops in 3 shopping malls is pain (especially in heels.. ha..ha..) and then at night, had a long drive to get new stocks.... The new *Mint-Vintage* blouses are soo yummy, im soo tempted to keep them all! But that wont happen ofcourse, so it shall be up this Sunday on Old Blossom Box .

There'll be more big oversized & medium belts, 3 versions of the *Truly New* studded belt and bow belts! Yippey.. I hope people would like them... (fingers crossed).

And more good news, The Old Blossom Box goodies is in Seventeen Dec! and I'm not sure if its already/or tak jadi featured in Utusan Malaysia. But thanks V & Kak Maliah...
Baby told me she's getting these babies, and as usual stupid me couldn't tahan myself, so Im getting a pair from fab Lyana of UBERLOVE/FRINGE too... and yeay! I got my DKNY black blazer today!


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