Monday, November 3, 2008


With C'Nedra dearest, she came to pick up more bags from Old Blossom Box, and is wearing a bag from Old Blossom Box. (Thanks for your support dear)

Me wearing: THRIFTED shirt, VINTAGE long scarf, FOREVER 21 owl necklace, KAPPA leggings, MODERN FLASHBACK leather bag, ZARA multicoloured belt & PUMPKIN gladiators.

Thank you soo much to Wondermilk for the awesome event, and everybody that stopped by, shopping, simply saying hello... It truly means a lot to me... Thank you soo much. It was really nice to have met everyone there!

We are a happy camper!
*Can you peeps see the belts for sale?

Me flanked by the FrouFrou girls, Nareez & Shikin!
Aishah, me & Dzu Wondermilk (Thank you soo much babe!)


With Josh of Lacquer & Lace, the three lovely sisters (Velvet Ribbon) , they practically raided the booth! Nadia Pumpkin and mini me...

The Shoplifters, Wani, me & Aishah!

Deza doing her thing! Lovely voice, i could'nt believe this is my office mate!
Hey peepsie, check her out on Channel V Amp here!

Min, me, Afdeza & Nareez...

Mine & Wani's selling stuffs...