Thursday, November 6, 2008


After work, me & Kay headed to Wondermilk for dinner! I had the most awesome Chicken Pesto sandwich, and Kay the Tuna Melt! Oh, people...if you guys haven't tried it out yet, go there tomorrow!

Me and Dzu, with my cheesy fangirl smile!

And AWWW....... Dzu gave me this little ballerina! *Dzu, Thank you soo much, terharu giler! And suka giler! See the kemunculan-kemunculan (?) in Old Blossom Box yah! Thank you sangat-sangat tau... Sangat-sangat...

Wow wee, I already got my INFLUENCE by Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen book! Thanks to Nadia Pumpkin for picking it up for me! It was an emergency call to MPH to book two coopies of INFLUENCE! One for moi, and one for Nadia ofcourse...

Oversized straw half-moon shaped clutch.

OLD BLOSSOMBOX jacket, VINTAGE ruffled top, VINTAGE scarf & BLOCK ON! from WONDERMILK birdie necklace.